Satyavratatranopari Kalikacharya

There was a city named Turamani beautifying the lady like earth as a top ornament. In this city
Jitashatra the king was ruling. His name Jitashatra was justified because of his victory all over the enemies.

In the city Turamani a brahmin lady named Rudra was living she had a son named Dutta.

Datta was very arrogant. He was all the while drinking and gambling for his livelihood he accepted the king’s service with some monthly salary.

The king Jitashatra conniving at his vices he made him personal assistant because the tree even gives shelter to the poisonous branches and connives at their demerits this is the temperament of the kind people.

Dutta divided the people and ministers and drove away the king Jitashatra from the city because the wicked without the sense of gratitade and pegions-birds destroy their own shelter.

That wicked and mean Dutta himself rode the king Jitashatru’s throne because the mean minded man climbs reaches the top after getting the footing.

That ignorant and arrogant Brahmin Dutta as if Jincarnated sin it self was polluting the whole atmosphere with smoke he was performing fire worship yagna with killings of the beasts believing it the real religion.

Some day the erudite preacher named Kalakacharya the maternal uncle of Datta as if embodied continence samyam came over there wandering gradually.

Datta having been intoxicated with mis leading beliefs did not show any desire to receive his maternal uncle but because of his mother’s insistence he went to receive him.

Day be day being more and more arrogant that Dutta impolitly asked that preacher, “Oh preacher, if you know tell me the result or benefit of the fire worship yagna.

Kalakacharya replied, “Hear, if you ask about the religion one should not behave rudely with others, if you take it ill for you.

Datta again asked the preacher about the result of yagna he said that the killing beasts does not benefit any one on the contrary he is affected with sins.

That wicked datta again allegedly asked the same thing to the preacher the preacher peacefully replied that the result of the yagna is getting a hell.

He got angry and asked for the proof telling how can I depend on your words ? Kalikarya said that on the seventh day he would be baked with dogs in the pot.

Red eyed Dutta angrily raising eye brows asked how can it also be trusted ?

On hearing Dutta’s words Kalikarya said, “Dirt will be fallen into your mouth before your having been baked with dogs in the pot.

Oh hearing Kalikacharya’s words he got angry and said”, Oh preacher ! by whom you will face your death? and when ? Kalikacharya said, “None would be the cause of my death. I shall join the heaven at the fixed time.’

Dutta angrily ordered his soldiers, “Arrest this wicked.” Then the soldiers arrested him.

After Kalikacharya’s arrest the sub-rulers having been dejected called the former king to bring him under control.

As an elephant hides himself in the bowery because of fear from the lion, Dutta also was frightened and hid himself in the palace.

Unluckily Dutta forgot the death day and on the seventh day he arranged the security on the high ways.

In the morning some gardener carrying a flower basket came on the high way and helplessly made a latrine dust there and covered it out of fear with flowers.

“I shall kill that mean monk very today like a bears ‘ thinking thus Dutta set out with some horse riders.

Some horse on the way scattered the dirt with hoots and the dirt fell into the mouth of Dutta
horse ridden because the words uttered by real monks are never false.

As the dirt fell into his mouth he having been loose heartened and dejected returned to his palace immediately without giving any hint to his soldiers and sub rulers.

Soldiers tied him as an ox believing that Dutta did not agree to their proposal.

As the sun shines after the end of the night the former ruler shone out with his power and light.

Then like angry snake from the flower basket the king-chirantam threw him into the buring pot full with dogs.

When he was being baked he was devoured with dogs as the penalty performers do its.

Thus kalikacharya removed on obstacle of the king and protected the truth penance. The wise people also like him should never tell a lie.