My Family

  • a. These are my Father and mother.
  • b. I say “Jai Jinendra” to my parents, brothers, and sisters when I first see them in the morning.
  • c. We go to the temple every Sunday, and more often if possible.
  • d. We say our prayers to Lord Mahavir.
  • e. My parents go to work. They avoid jobs and other activities which involve killing or hurting any animals, birds or bugs.
  • f. When my parents buy groceries, they only buy vegetarian food. Jains do not eat meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, or anything that involves hurting or killing animals.
  • g. We give vegetarian food and clothes to poor people.
  • h. We donate money for religious purposes.
  • i. My parents teach me Jain religion. They teach me that we should be kind to animals and plants because they have life just like us. We don’t hurt or kill them. So we don’t eat meat, eggs, seafood and poultry foods. We also don’t drink alcohol.
  • j. We say Namokar Mantra five times before we go to bed.


1) How should we greet our family members?

2) What kind of food do we buy?

3) What should we not eat or drink?

4) What do we do before going to bed?