Suvineyanam Mokshdayitve Chandrudracharya

Once upon time some preacher named chandraudra with his team came to the nice garden situated in Ujjayini.

Acharya chandraudra by nature was very angry for this reason on seeing his monks companions deviation repeatedly he got angry.

I alone am not able to remove many vices of the monks but it is detrimental for me to be angry
with them.

Thinking thus he avoided them and became stable in study and meditation he sat in loneliness to think over the supreme reality.

Here some inhabitant of ujjain who was young and newly wedded came with his friends its body was besmeared with saffron.

The rich master’s son, on seeing the monks bowed and said mockingly, “Oh learned monks ! you tell me the religion which is the ocean of all pleasures.

Believing this youth is a jester the monk remained silent but he again jockingly asked the monks.

Unfortunately my wife has left me so I am fed up with my home life, now kindly lead me to an initiation which is the savior from the sea of the world.

This cheat very of ten mocks at us and cheat so we should reply him thinking thus they said to him.

We are under the discipline of our guider guru. We are not independent so we cannot initiate to you so for initiation purpose you go to our guide guru who is settled here in solitude.

On hearing such words the young son of the master went to the guide guru with his friends bowing guru he jocularly said.

Guru Maharaj ! I am fed up with all worldly affairs so I have taken shelter in your lotus feet. Maharaj! accept me as initiated so that I can live happily.

On hearing his light words he got excited and said, bring the ashes immediately if you went to be initiated.

On hearing his words the youth’s friend brought some ashes. Then the learned Acharya caught him and cut his hair and rendered initiation to him.

His friends witnessed him initiated and became unhappy and said,” Friend ! go away immediately from here we also go home.

The youth who was about to realise achievement thought “I myself have accepted the vow and vigilance so how can I go home ?

Even though uttered lightly- the great person’s words like carved letters on the stone are indelible.

Therefore this samyamvrat a vow of continence easily obtained must be now followed because who would refuse the precious diamond effortlessly obtained ? so I must observe this vow and not ignore or avoid it.

Thinking thus this intelligent youth accepted asceticism and so his all friend left and went home.

Then the disciple said to the preacher, “Maharaj ! my relatives will come here and deviate me and again will take me home so let us move elsewhere.

This group his very large so the people will come to know even though very stealthily may shift
from here, therefore the departure both of ours is necessary.

Acharya said to the devotee ,”If it is so you may start without my obstacle. We shall follow the same path. The devotee too having seen the way came back.

Then guru Maharaj set out with his new devotee at midnight he said to him “Go ahead’ them the devotee went further.

Out of dotage gurudev being unable to see at night dashed against the trunk of a tree and fell on the road he got angry out of pain and was frightened.

Oh wicked disciple ! you have taken an obstacle way on saying this he made a stroke on his hairless head with a staff (stick)

Because of the staff stroke made by the guru the disciple’s head burst and blood began to flow from it but he did not react at all and did not get angry on the contrary he began to think.

Oh unluckily I made my large hearted guru unhappy who was living happily with his team.

Some disciples appare their gurudev life long but I turned out on the very first day a painer to the gurudev.

He began to walk slowly and carefully so that his gurudev should not stumble again and receive any pain.

Thus carefully and slowly walking with pure conscious and tolerant devotee realised the eternal knowledge over night.

In the morning at the sunrise soori guru saw his disciple’s head besmeared with blood.

Then the guru thought calmly “Oh ! what a wonder this devotee being even though fresh bears extra ordinary tolerance.

Because I angrily made a stroke on him with a stick but he did not show any relevance and did
not react also.

Many years after my initiation elapsed i know the results of anger I achieved the post of Acharya guru even then my anger is not decreased on the contrary it is increased fie upon my extreme anger !

Muni affected with such a sentiment realised eternal truth. Thus polite devotee can lead his angry guru also to the path of salvation.