Dhanya Muni

A noble named jitshatru used to rule this city of kakandi. In this very city there used to be a famous woman named Badra who happened to be the wife of a wealthy man.

This wealthy woman named Badra, had a son with a be witching pwersonality named Dhan
whose name suited him well. When this son of hers attained youtheod she married him off
to thirty- two wives in twelve different marriages.

The mother gifted her son with thirty – two bungalows which had thirty- two types of gifts in each of them. Here he stayed and had his amorous pleasures fulfilled.

Here the lord Mahavir Happened to arrive there after wandering about so Dhan who was horripliated with joy went to venerate the lord wearing a coat of horripilation .

Having heard about the importance of religion, Dha began germinating in himself feeling of attaining ascetism so he went to ask his mother for permission for the same having granted
the permission he was allowed to take shetter under the vows of monastism with great pomp and style with things such as a royal umbrella a royal fan and other symbol of a king, that are fit for a king.

On the day fo the Diksha too, he bowed in reverence to the lord Mahavir and he accepted a very sevee vow that was that he would foot twice and break it with am Aayabil and this he would do till he died.

He also vows that he would never accept any food (biksha) if it is prepared for him specifically but only if accept it is not made for him. Having accepted there servere vows and having blered his soul with such penencess he began wandering about.

This Mahavir Dhan had to undergo uncountable and strenous disasters like if he would get some food which was very rage, then he would hot get water. Thats when he masterd all the eleven volumes (Aango) of jainism and thus bord up all the inflictions of hunger and thirst.

As he had to undergo all such strenous affictions he became very lean. But even after this he did not indulge himself in self – pity nor did he ever feel helpless for himself .

Lord mahavir than arrived in a city named Rajgruhe and settled himself in a temple (Gunshil
Chaityca) After his sermon the king bowed to the Lord Mahavir in severence and questioned

Addressing the Lord be asked him as to who is his best desciple among his fourteen thousand disciples including Gautam who has done the most toughest and rigorous of all penences and deeds.

At this qvery the Lord replied that the monk Dhayea is his disciple among rigorous of all penences. Having heard this the king kshenik, went to the monk Dhanyea and bowed to him in utmost reverence.

Addressing him as Dhanyea the king said that his birth is worth praising as the Lord mahavir himself describes about him. Having said thus the king bowed to him and went home.

Even after having heard that the Lord Mahavir has spoken hish about him he didn’t find himself swelling with pride. But he went on for nine more months . gaurding his conduct and character night and day.

Then the monks Dhanyea fasted for a month unto death and was incarnated in a heaven named sarvarthe siddhe from there he was reincarned in the vidheha shetra and from here he went ahead to attain the eternal salvation.