Maheshvar Datta

There was a master named Maheshwar durr in Tamralipti. He was a son of samadra and Bahula.

He was very dexterously trading. He was very greedy. His father died and in the next birth became a male buffalo nearing the same area.

Then Bahula master Maheshwar dutt’s mother too died of pains and was reborn as a bitch. Maheshwar dutt had a loving wife named Gohila.

Gohila licentious and living all alone. She used to enjoy sexual pleasures with her lover. Mostly women are excited with lust and love.

Someday her husband Maheshwar dutt came upon suddenly through the byler. Then he saw his wife enjoying sexual pleasures with her lover. Really the misdeeds done in the dark come in light.

He saw their shuffled, eyes afraid, and limbs shaking. They were folding with come their under
wars while out of fear of inter course changing the sides.

As a hunter strikes a bear, a hynotist strikes a person possessed by a ghost and stupefies him, in the same way Maheshwar dutt out of anger held his hair in a fist and stroke him heavily.

As a potter kneads clay with his feat, he did it so. As one beats cruelly guilty dog, he did it so to her lover.

That half dead debauch fled some distance fell down and willing to die began to think of his foolish act.

After some period Gangila born a child the soul of the dead lover.

Master Maheshwar dutt considering his own son began to bring up lovingly. As the days elapsed his son grew and used to pull his hair beard.

After the passage of time master Maheshwar dutt out of attachment to wards his son forgot the
fault of Gangila his licentious wife Really gentleman remain linieut towards their life parthers.

Then on the occasion of his father’s death anniversary he showed folly by pear chasing a male buffalo his father’s soul.

He killed that beast and fed the flesh to his son sitting in his lap and then he himself ate it up.
Fie upon folly of living beings.

A bitch a soul of Bahula was biting her husband’s bores and licking with a shaking tail.

Here some monk came to his place for alms. They knew all about it.

The monk went away without accepting alms then he said, “Maharaj ! I am happy, I am not without food materials; I am not a disbeliever then why do you not accept alms from me.

Muni replied, “It is not proper to have alms because meat is banned, more over it belongs to
your father.

He asked, “How can it be so?’ Muni explained, “Here a soni’s fed by his father’s flesh-oh fie upon folly.’

He again asked, “How can I believe it?’ The Monk said, “Ask that bitch.’ He did it so.

The bitch brought to digont the bones etc as if preaching did as directed.

Master Maheshwar dutt having got convinced felt detachment and disbursed his all riches to the needy and deserving people and accepted asceticism.