Let’s Go To Pathshala

Sheela: (On the phone) Where were you last Sunday when I called?

Ami: Sheela, I was at Pathshala. We have classes every Sunday. How about your center?

Sheela: At our center, we have a Pathshala every other Sunday. Do you go to Pathshala every week?

Ami: Yes, every week. What made you ask that question?

Sheela: Because, even though we have classes every other week at our center, I have not gone there at all.

Ami: At all!!!. You must be kidding.

Sheela: No, I am not. Ami, don’t you think it’s a waste of time to go to Pathshala? I would rather watch TV at home.

Ami: No, it is not a waste of time. We learn a lot about our religion (Jainism) and its principles. We also meet other people our age, and make new friends.

Sheela: Well, if I want to make new friends, all I have to do is have a slumber party, then I will have so many new friends that I would not know what to do with them.

Ami: You are really silly! I did not say that I go there just to make new friends. You missed the main point for going to Pathshala. I said, we learn Jain principles which help us be better human beings.

Sheela: You mean you really learn there?

Ami: Yes, they teach us how to get along with other kids. They also teach us that we should love other living beings including animals, birds, bugs, and plants. My teacher told me that they like life the same way we do; they feel the pain the same way we do and they also feel happy or unhappy the same way we do.

Sheela: Oh!!! This is getting interesting. Tell me more about What they teach.

Ami: They also teach us that we should not hurt anyone, get mad at anyone, not show off in class, tell the truth, share what we have and not steal.

Sheela: I was mistaken. Pathshala is not a waste of time.

Ami: Wait, that is not all. They also tell us stories. They show us videos on Jainism. We sing devotional songs, and we have discussions among ourselves.

Sheela: I have been missing a lot. Well, I will tell my mom to take me to the Pathshala next Sunday, and if she is busy, I will go with Rina. She goes to the Pathshala regularly.

Ami: That is wonderful. I am so happy that you will be going to the Pathshala. Hey!!! I forgot to ask you why you called me last week.

Sheela: Oh yeah!!! I called to let you know that we are planning to come to your house next weekend. I wanted to spend time with you.

Ami: Sure and on Sunday we can go to Pathshala.

Sheela: Oh Yeah!!! That’s a deal. I am sure, I will have a good time. Bye.

Ami: Bye.


1) Why was Sheela surprised that Ami goes to Pathshala?

2) Why does Ami like Pathshala?

3) What kind of Jain principles do they teach in Pathshala?