Kartik Shet

There was a king named Jitashtra conquering his enemies in the city named hastinapur in kuracoutry. There lived a master kartic who was the most prominent among thousands of vanks.

This shravak (devotee) having unprecedented continece the knowledge of the amimate and inanimate and faith got hundred status constructed.

Once upon a time a prist named saink having fasted for a month came there. Then by chance and consequence people began to worship him instead of kartik.

Gairik having no other remedy tried to find faults from kartik someday a king invited him to meals. He then looking at his face said.

Oh king! I should be pleased only it kartic serves me , other wise not. The king took note of it.

Then the king along with his courteers went to kartik’s place. Then kartik rose speedily and requested the king this way.

Respected Maharaj dignified my welling what is the reason ? Tell me please what can I do for

Gairik after a month’s fasting will take meals at my place only if you only save him.

Mater Kartik said,”Oh king knower of tradition this is not our way to follow but since I live in your city for the sake of your obligetion, I will do as you tell me.”

That monk came home eagerly generally fasters are keen for meals, What a great incident it should when performed typically.

“You are Dhameless” he uttered and raised a finger then by order of king he thoght thus.

I would not have been insulted if I had been initiated earlier. He thus repents.

Master kartik came back home immediately and in the presence eight thousand merchants he accepted initiation through Muni shri surat swami.

He observed penance up till twelve years he studied twelve parts of the scriptures and in the first soundharm kalpa he was primated to the position of soudharanedra.

Gairik a penance having got the king empelled kartik to serve meals became as result of the dead Abliyougik a bearer of the body ghards arrested and brought there.

Soudharmendra sat on the elephant brought by the body ghards. The elephant showed his two bodies. Indra also in a form of twin sat on the elephant.

Soudharmendra showed as many as forms as the elephant did. Indra holding vajra a weapon
made a stroke so he ran away.

Then thinking over the dead he remained in the heaven in a form of elephant. Thus both the elephant and soudharmendra were enjoying pleasures in the heaven.