Samayikvrutopari Kesrichaur

Oh! blessed souls? samayik worship is of nouse without the sense of fraternity and impartiality therefore like kesari carry on samayik worship by which you can gain all the types of pleasures.

One who conducts samayik without the spirit of impartiality and fraternity is a big fool adding salt to milk.

There was a monarch named Ripumardan – a foefighter in the city named shreenivas where the goddess of wealth laxmi herself used to reside permanently. There was a master named samarsinh in the city. He was bent to noble deeds.

He had a son named kesari who by nature was jealous, arrogant addicted and perverted he was as if a disaster to the destiny of the family.

Therefore his father samarsinh drove out his son kesari from the family in the presence of the people. Now he became more unrestrained and started stealing from the people’s houses.

He was thus stealing in the city. Once a king asked the courtiers, “Who is this thief ? Whose son is he ?

Kesari’s father samarsinh seated in the court said with folded hands,” Maharaj! this wicked is my son whom I have driven out from my family.

Not to eat without stealing is his motto. you can now understand everything regarding him.

Once upon a time wicked Kesari was standing on the bank of the tank and was thinking. Meanwhile an ascetie with padukasfoot wear came over there through the space. He began to bathe and wash keeping his padukas on the bank of the tank . Meanwhile kesari took away his padukas and disappeared soon.

By the effect of Padukas Kesari all alone used to steal safely. He therefore turned out for the public an incurable disease.

He prayed to the goddess of the city fort, “Oh! mother – goddess! I shall share with you half of my theft and retain the rest with me.”

“Oh mother goddess! if, by your grace, I succeed to steal safely I shall donate s half of it it you’ on hearing his words the goddess gave a consent to him. Then he became a seasoned thief.

On hearing his words the ruler realised the secret of the theft and with his mighty military sat stealthily in the temple.

In a shrt time the thieft arrived. Depending on no one he kept the padukas in his hands and began to worship the goddes. Meanwhile the king came and cried out, so the thief having wom padukas flied away like a bird.

“Oh! the thief fless, the thief fless’ cried out the king so the soldiers shouting ran after him.

Certainly my vow will be violated because this day elapses without any theft.

Thus thinking and walking after that thief saw a wise and learned man on the land before conglomeration preaching thus sermons.

Oh souls! you should possess a divine diamond which can not be had even with a plenty of wealth you have therefore received such a diamond in the form of a human incarnation.

I have not stolen such a rare diamond until now, what should I do ? Thinking thus he made his ear alert to hear the monk.

Samayik is the only diamond which is rare even to the gods. Therefore it should be protected from the evils and enemies named Raga and Dwesh i.e. attachment and envy.

An outer show is demonstrated in the noble deeds like offering alms etc. But for samayik it is not essential Devotees day and night according to circumstances should conduct and camyon samayik.

On hearing the words of the wise monk he wished to observe samayik and made up his mind to start this vigilance.

He removed repulsion and fear from the ruler and others and observed samayik with love and regard according to Muni’s sermons and instructions

Jineshwar Lords consider the mental spirit the best of all amidst brain, body and speech because the mental malice leads a soul a human being to the seventh hell and if the mind is pure and pious it helps him to have salvation..

That thief kesari being laghukarmi lucky to lead a noble life achieved externally complete knowledge leaers of the details arrived there and celebrated his realisation of the complete external knowledge.

Kevali kesari wore the special dress offered by the gods and sat on the golden lotus having a thousand petals. He also preached sermons before the gods.

Then the king came there on seeing the behaviour of kesari he was extremely astonished Oh! what a wonder of destiny and deeds! just you see!

Omniscient kesari said to the king, “Oh King! see the greatness of samayik. Through its observation within a half of the moment I could obtain spiritual bliss and blessing.

On preaching the king and others to submit the stolen material back to the owners and thus to
oblige the people he began wandering on the earth.

Thus preaching people for long kesari Muni having destroyed all the deeds including Ghati and Aghati realised salvation. The king and wise people should consider it the result of samayik vigilance.