RAJESH: My Jain school teacher says we should start praying more often. I want to be a good Jain and will do just that.

MANISH: Rajesh, are you coming to the baseball practice?

RAJESH: Wait a minute. I am trying to pray. My Jain school teacher says we should pray as often as possible.

MANISH: O.K., you pray, and then we can go to baseball practice.

RAJESH: (Finished prayer) Why do you even go to practice? You don’t play very well; you miss more balls than you hit.

MANISH: If I keep trying, maybe I will get better, Rajesh.

RAJESH: You would be better at one of the bases. All you have to do is stand there and let people run around you. You will never be good at anything. You will never be as good as me.

MANISH: Today the coach is going to give out the outstanding baseball award. I know I won’t get it, but it will be interesting to see who gets it.

RAJESH: I know that you won’t get it but I will. I am the best. I can’t wait until I get it.

MANISH: I hope you get it, if you think you deserve it.

RAJESH: Sure I deserve it. I’m Rajesh, the best and the greatest.

RAJESH: I am glad that I am not like Manish. I never do anything wrong. I am good all the time. I am proud that I am the best baseball player on the team.

MANISH: Sometimes, I do things that are wrong. I am sorry that I am not as good as the others, but I will try harder to do better.

RAJESH: Oh, it’s too bad that you aren’t like me, Manish. I am perfect.

MANISH: Well I hope you would still play with me. I am sorry that I am not as

great as you are.

(Priya enters the room)

PRIYA: Hey you guys! Let’s go to practice and see who gets the trophy.

  • (They go to their practice and Manish is given the trophy)

RAJESH: Boy, you’re no friend. I can’t believe you got my trophy.

MANISH: I can’t believe the coach picked me. Can you believe it?

RAJESH: I lost the award for the most outstanding baseball player. The coach gave my award to Manish. That baseball award should have been mine.

PRIYA: Manish, I am glad you got it. You deserve it.

MANISH: I still don’t believe it. I thought someone else would get it.

RAJESH: I was ready to go up, but the coach called out your name.

MANISH: I am sorry that you didn’t get it Rajesh. Honest!

PRIYA: Rajesh, those who are humble always win, and those who brag too much go down by their ego. You brag too much about yourself.

RAJESH: So that’s it! Do you think I brag too much?

PRIYA: Well, don’t you think you do?

RAJESH: I sure do. I need to stop bragging about myself. I have learned a big lesson. Let’s go Manish and show your award to the guys. I am so glad that you are my best friend. You really are a great baseball player. Congratulations, and I really do mean it.