Gaccha: A chapter of monks
Gajanimilika: Closing of eyes like an elephant
Gamdha: Smell.
Gamika (Sruta): Scriptures containing repetitions
Gana: A residence unit for monks
Ganadhara: Direct disciple of the Tirthankaras Supporters of the order, i.e., the first mendicant disciples of a Tirthankara
Gandha: Smell
Gandharva: Celestial musician
Gani-pidaga: Basket of the ganadharas, i.e., the canon ofthe Jainas
Ganin: Leader of the order
Garbha: Conception
Garhapatya-agni: One of the sacred fires of the Hindu srauta ritual
Gati: Birth; destiny
Condition of existence.
Gau: Cow (animal) or the action of going
Ghana-ambu: Humid air
Ghana-vata: Dense air
Ghatanama: Name of pitcher
Ghatikarman: Destructive karmans
Ghatiya: Destructive
Karmas that have a vitiating effect upon the qualities of the soul
Ghoratavassi: One who practices severe austerities
Gorji: A term used for yati
Gotra: Exogamous groups
Gotra-karma: Karmas that determine environmental circumstances
Grahana: Cognition
Grahya: Cognitum
Granthi: Knot
Gumma: A chapter of monks
Guna: Attribute
Guna (Kalpana): Quality
Guna sthana: Fourth spiritual stage.
Guna vratas: Special vows relating to the limitation and determination of his daily work, food and enjoyment.B1196
Guna-adhikshu: The path of liberation.
Guna-sabda: Word indicating quality
Gunasthana: The fourteen stages of purification
Gunavratas: Restraints that reinforce the practice of the anuvratas
Guni-desa (Kaladigata): Territory of object
Gupti: Preservation
Guru: Heavy
Spiritual teacher
Guru-mudhata: False beliefs pertaining to teachers
Guru-upasti: Listening to and venerating teachers