In a town, there lived a gentleman with his lovely wife. Many nights he would not feel sleepy. He used that time to perform Samayik (sitting calmly in meditation or reading spiritual books, etc.). One night four robbers came to his town. While deciding where to rob they came near his house. They felt that his house was quiet and decided to rob here. The robbers entered his house. Actually at that time the owner was sitting in Samayik. He heard some noise and he realized that robbers are in the house. He did not scream but told to himself, “No one can take what is mine, I have right faith, right knowledge, and right conduct. Therefore, I should not be upset at the robbers and I must not disturb my samayik.”

He further thought, “I am in samayik and no worldly thing should bother me. What did I bring with me when I was born ? And what would go with me when I die ? I came alone and I will leave this world empty-handed. Let there be trust in the path shown by Jina. It will give me the strength to complete this samayik in a peaceful frame of mind.” Meanwhile, one of the robber threw a bundle of goods out of the window. The gentleman uttered, “Namo Arihantanam.” When the robbers heard that, they were startled that instead screaming they heard “Namo Arihantanam”. “Namo Arihantanam” also reminded them as if they have heard before. They started reflecting on these words and within a few minutes they attained Jati-smaran-jnan (knowledge of previous life). They discovered that they were also Jains like him and performed samayik but not like him. They praised his detachment for worldly things and repented on their current activities. They reflected on the purity of Samayik very sincerely and they burned up their four ghati (major) karmas and all four attained Kevaljnan.

When the gentleman finished his Samayik he saw the four Kevalis seated on golden lotuses. He bow down to them with admiration.

If we repent our mistakes and sins we can also get into a pure mental condition. Religious rituals are worthwhile, but if we do not observe them properly with pure heart and mind then they are meaningless. One, who repents his sins and decides not to repeat them would be born either in heaven or may even be liberated in same life.