Lobhpinde Munisuvrat

There was a muni named Suvrat in Champapur. He went out for alms in his initial stage.

Wandering for alms in the city he saw the sweet balls being distributed among the people.

On knowing it he thought of having the same. Thinking thus he went there.

There he could not receive the sweets. He continued wandering and thinkig about it. It became
a mid-day.

He having been alluved to sweets lost his senses and used to bless saying “Sinhkesar” Sweets in stead of “Dharmalabha” in each and every home he sent for almost.

Thus he continued even after sunset. Under the same impression he for got his spiritual schedule also.

Wandaring thus he spent two parts of the early night, He went to same devoteds place and uttered “Sinhkesar” st mid night.

Shrawak received him with bowing and thought why the monk arrived at mid night.

At long time I saw a monk today only who left his happy home. He is greadless, dynamic. Then
why should he now come here ? I fail understand.

If I find fault with him I would deviate from my daty. besides that the behaviour of great yogi’s (hermits’) is not accessible.

But what is in his mind ? I should test him. Thinking thus pious minded devoted again padered.

His attitude is not found worldly oriented. He is not desirous of riches also. He speaks keeping a piece of cloth covered on the mouth, he walks step by step so he does not seem violating fundamentals but he is keen to consume food. It is clearly seen by his signs.

That Shrawak thinking thus immediately brought various sweets before him. On seeing it the monk refused it saying it was not proper for him. He then again thought him not having been deviated at all.

How can I know his will ? When entered he uttered ‘Sinhkesar’ it shows that he should have disturbed in lack of it. So he placed a plate full of sinhkesar-ladus- sweet food balls.

The Monk at his heart will took and got satisfied. Shrawak thought that if he would consume it he would be no monk.

Since a night food is full of dirts. I many project a device so that his sense may not be perverted.

Then that devotee- Shrawak told him, “Oh Maharaj ! I am today one of the happiest men.

You like a good tree came to me. your life is like a neetar, you are gratified as never before. I with my one forgue are not able to express you fully.

But would you kindly answer me whatever I ask you ? you are a knower of philosophy and an observer of vigilanee.

Every day in the morning while two or three stars are twinkling in the sky I say prayers of Mahamantra and take some sows.

Can you tell me whether I have taken my sow fully or partially. On heaving his words that muni wisely and carefully began to powder.

On hearing Shrawak’s sheech the monk applying his knowledge found a constellation. Then he know of midenight hours.

Then he realised and began to censure his own soul. Oh what a great fool am I to have behaved against the religion.

Fie upon my perverted behaviour following the greed. Saying thus he addressed a devotee as
the best and blessed one knowing the principles of Jainisum. By questions you have protected me from sins.

The monk thus censured himself and praised the shrawak. He remembering the night wandering as an evil searched a solitary place and meditated there. The next morning he decided to give up the sweet balls – ladus.

He powdered the modaks on the pure soil and like Dhandhanmuni performed penance.

He having burnt up his woods of deeds to ashes throught spiritual contemplation immediately
realised bright bliss.

There in heeren gods prepared a golden lotus seat. Muni Suvrat preached all of sudden standing on it, On seeing which all the people were astonished.