ROHIT: I am a real nice person and you know what? No one likes me. I don’t know why?

RAM: Hi Rohit, you look down in the dumps. Just like the back end of dump truck. Way down….real low.

ROHIT: All my friends don’t like me, and they won’t have anything to do with me. I don’t know why.

RAM: You have friends that you don’t even know are your friends.

ROHIT: No, I don’t have any friends at all.

RAM: How about Manish? You and he get along just great.

ROHIT: That was a long time ago. He always to let me do anything I wanted to. But now, he won’t let me be the first when we played Monopoly, so I kicked him. I don’t understand why he is so mad today.

RAM: That was an awful thing to do. What about you and Rita? You two are friends, aren’t you?

ROHIT: Well, this morning I put chewing gum in her hair, and put dots on her face with a magic marker. I told her she had black freckles.

RAM: Why did you do that to Rita?

ROHIT: She had all those cookies, and she wouldn’t let me have the biggest one. She knows I deserve the biggest cookie. She eats like a pig.

RAM: Well, what about you and Nirav? Are you two mad at each other?

ROHIT: Yes, I took a real bite out of his arm, yesterday, after school.

RAM: Were you hungry enough to eat him?

ROHIT: As matter of fact–he tasted awful. He told me that I wasn’t the smartest person in our class, so I bit him.

RAM: Well, it looks like you have really lost your friends. It’s a good thing you still have your dog. Dogs are true friends.

ROHIT: You see, he used to be a true friend. He is mad at me, too. I popped him in the nose with a rubber band, and then I tied his ears together.

RAM: Why were you mean to your dog?

ROHIT: He wouldn’t let go of my shoe. He took it into his doghouse and would not come out.

RAM: You have to be a friend, if you want to have a friend. I really feel sorry for you.

ROHIT: I don’t understand what you mean by saying: “To have a friend, be a friend”.

RAM: You can’t be mean to a friend and always have your own way.

ROHIT: I have more fun, if I have my way.

RAM: You are selfish. Your friends don’t like it. No one likes to play with someone who acts selfish. You need to be kind and unselfish.

ROHIT: You mean, I must learn to be kind to others. You are right! It is terrible being lonely. I must be kind.

RAM: Come on, I will play with you. You have learned a good lesson.

ROHIT: You will?

RAM: Yes, if you promise not to put chewing gum in my hair or draw dots on my face with a magic marker.

ROHIT: I think black freckles would make you look real grown up.

RAM: No freckles, no black freckles that is.

ROHIT: You can have it your way. Let’s go play. We’ll even play whatever you want to play.