UpguhanaDeveloping spiritual qualities
Upkaarassistance, function, benevolence, contributory part, act of favor, obligation; help, assistance
Uplabdhiacquisition, gain; knowledge; perception, apprehension, vidyamaantaa, living, existent; present.
Uplabhdi hetucause of valid cognition, established hypothesis.
Uplabdhi hetu is of two types:
1:aviruddh uplabdhi
Vidhi arthaat sadbhaav rup vastu ko saadhne waalaa hai
2: Viruddh uplabdhi Pratishedh arthaat abhaav ko saadhne waalaa hai.
Upmarddisintegration, ending,
to show similarity between two objects by illustration, subsumptive correlation, The application, one of the members of the five membered syllogism. It shows the reason (hetu), which is known to be concomitant with the major term (saadhya), is present in the subject ( paksha). e.g. the hill has smoke, which is invariably concomitant with fire. According to Shrutbhavan dipak naya chakra book page 59: upnaya means the one which takes us nearer to soul and organ of knowledge etc

Upnayaabhaassubsequent fallacy, wrong statement,
Upodghatintroduction, preface, foreword, Prastavanaa, uthaanikaa,
UpodghataIntroduction; Preface
Upraagmalinta, vikar, altered state, dirtiness, soul’s altered state due to alien belonging,
Upraktavikari, malin, kalushit, altered state, dirty.
Upsanhaarcollection; abstract, summary; conclusion.
Affliction; Preposition (as in grammer); Misfortune;
Trouble; Natural phenomenon; Disease superimposed. preposition(as in grammer), misfortune, trouble, natural phenomenon, disease superimposed on another, calamity, state of affliction, prefix, calamities on another

Upshamsubsidence, cessation, partial suppression, suppression of karma, quitter toxic emotions
Upsham karan
subsidence operation.
And after Antar Karana, (see antar karan),
he performs Upashama Karana (subsiding operation). The Nishekas of Mithyatva Karma which are situated just above the Nishekas which have been suspended through the Antar Karana operation, he makes them incapable of coming into rise. By this kind of process the Nishekas which were falling due for rise just after the last moment of Anivritti Karana were suspended; at the time of rise of such Nishekas what Nishekas will come to rise in the absence of those suspended Nishekas? Therefore, in the absence of the rise of
Mithyatva, first subsidential type of right belief (Prathamopashama Samyaktva) is attained. The eternal misbeliever does not have the existence of Samyaktva Mohaniya and Mishra Mohaniya Prakritis; therefore, by causing the subsidence of only one Mithyatva Karma, he becomes Upashama Samyagdrishti (one possessing subsidential type of true belief). And if some Jiva, after attaining right belief, againsamyak sanmukh mithyadrasti) Upsham samyaktva right belief due to subsidence of karma. gets defiled then his condition also becomes similar to that of an eternal misbeliever.
(Moksha Marg Prakashak 7th chapter

Upsham samyaktvaright belief due to subsidence of karma.
UpshamaCalm down; Calm down of Karmas in effect; Subsidence;
 Partial suppression; Suppression of karma
Upshama charitraSubsidence character
Upshama karanaThe process of subsidence
Upshama karmaSubsider functional
Upshama kashaayaSubsided affection; Subsidence serenity
Upshama samyaktvaSubsidential right belief
Upshama shreniSubsidential ladder, subsidence progression
UpshamakaSuppressor: The suppressor of conduct deluding karma; Subsider
Upshamaka anivrutikaranaSubsider invariant operation
Upshamaka apurvakaranaSsubsider unprecedented operation
Upyogactive consciousness, perception and knowledge, conscious attentiveness, psychic attention, cognitive activity, consciousness., chaitanya saathe sambadh raaknaar jiv naa parinaam ne upyog kahe chhe. living being’s mode keeping relationship with the consciousness nature of the soul is known as upyog, attentive consciousness. attentive consciousness, आत्मा का चैतन्य अनुवतीर् पिरणाम वह उपयोग है. Anuvarti means anusharan karne waalaa. Soul’s modification of consciousness attribute is known as upyog. Here Atmaa is substance, Chaitnaya is attribute which includes darshan and gnaan, and parinaam means mode. So the knowledge mode of soul substance having its attribute as consciousness is known as attentive consciousness. Upyog is dharma nature of an element, and soul is dharmi possessor of nature of an element. It is like lamp and its light. Sou is the consciousness lamp and upyog is its light. As there is no darkness in light similarly, there is no darkness of ignorance, raag and dwesh in the light of upyog. (niyamsar gatha 10, kaaran shuddh paryaay book page 43) The activity of the soul to accept the meaning of a thing is known as upyog. Arth grahan ke prati jo vyaapaar hotaa hai uskaa naan upyog hai.
Upyoga(1) Activity of the Soul; (2) Active consciousness, Perception and knowledge, Conscious attentiveness,
 Psychic attention, Cognitive activity, Consciousness.
Upyuktaproper, becoming; fitting, appropriate; useful.
Urdhva prachayaCommon difference, Monodimensional extension.
Urdhva renuA length unit, 8 sannasannas.
Urdhva vyatikramaVertical transgression, Transgression upwards.
Urdhva-loka:The celestial world
UrdhvagatiHigher/Upper, destinity.
UrdhvalokaUpper world, Celestial world
Urdhvata samanyaVertical universal, Specific property
Urdhvataamainly, principally,
Urdhvataa saamaanyathe substance remaining as it is in the previous and next mode,
UrjaharaAbsorption intake; Energy intake
Ushnataaheat; warmth.
UsmaharaAbsorption intake; Energy intake
Usna parisahaHeat thermal affliction
Usna sparsaHot touch
Usna yoniSummer plants
UtkalikaUntimed studiable scriptures
UtkanthaaDesire to know from heart; Interest
Utkarshbeing drawn up; rise; prosperity; increase; development; abundance, plenty
Utkatintense; strong; acute; producing immediate effect; intoxicated, mad; uneven; difficult
UtkatukaSitting posture
Utkirana kalaDestructional time
Utkirnaexcavated, replete, carved, engraved.
Utkrama:Perverted order
Utkrustexquisite, magnificent
UtkrustaBest; Exquisite; Magnificent; Maximum
Utpaadorigination of mode, appearance, manifestation, origin.
UtpaadaOrigination i.e the emergence or assuming of a new modification in a substance; Generation
Utpada:Birth, Comes into existence, Origin; acquisition
Utpala-patra-satavyati-bheda:Like the piercing of the hundred petals of a lotus
Utsargaabandoning, sacrifice, excretion, any general rule or precept, without any specific limitation,
UtsargaAbandoning; Sacrifice; Excretion
Utsarga margit signifies supremely pure equanimous self effacement
Utsarga samiti
Carefulness in disposal of excreta, To dispose of things that are of no use at a place free from living bodies and after proper inspection Utsarga Samiti

Utsarga-samiti:Care in performing the excretory functions
Utsarpiniascending cycle of time
Utsarpini(1) Ascending; (2) Ascending cycle of time; (3) A Time unit; (4) Progressive half cycle; (5) Hyper-serpentine aeon; (6) Up-phase of the Jaina time-cycle
Utsarpini:Ascending round, Progressive half-cycle
Utsavupar uthavaano avsar, occasion to get uplifted,day of festivity; holiday; festival.
UtsedhangulaA length of unit 8 yavmadhayas
Uttam kshamaasupreme forbearance.
UttamaBest; Excellent; Supreme quality; Ideal
Uttama arjava:Supreme Straight-forwardness, (Honesty).
Uttama ksamaaSupreme forgiveness
Uttama mardava:Supreme Jumility
Uttama purusaHighly noble person
Uttama samyama:Supreme Restraint.
Uttama satya:Supreme truth.
Uttama sraavikaAdvanced women votary
Uttama-akinchanya:Supreme non-attachment. Not taking the non-self for one’s own self.
Uttama-brahmacharya:Supreme Chastity.
Uttama-kshama:Supreme Forgiveness
Uttama-shaucha:Supreme contentment.
Uttama-tapa:Supreme Austerities.
Uttama-tyaga:Supreme Renunciation.
Uttarnext, subsequent.
Uttar kshanasubsequent moment.
Uttara gunaSubsidiary or secondary qualities
Uttara paksaReply opponent
Uttara parkrtiSecondary species
Uttara pratipattiNorthern view
Uttara vaikriyakaTurned into fluid/transformationaly protean body
Uttara vrataSubsidiary vows
Uttaracaranupalabdhi (Hetu):Non-availability of the follower
Uttarottara prakratiTertiary species or types
Utthaandistraction, getting up; rising; awakening, rising; enthusiasm; renewed effort; support, help.
Utthaanikaabeginning; introduction, preface
UttingaShelter; Anthill; Rock-cut cave
Uvajjhaya:Prakrit for upadhyaya