• a. Do not hurt or kill humans, animals, plants, or insects.
  • b. Do not lie.
  • c. Do not say bad words.
  • d. Do not get angry.
  • e. Do not be a tattle-tale.
  • f. Do not be greedy.
  • g. Do not miss Jain School (Pathshala).
  • h. Do not miss any opportunity to help others.
  • i. Do not pick flowers or leaves.
  • j. Do not take anything without permission.
  • k. Do not steal.
  • l. Do not be afraid to ask questions to your teachers or elders .
  • m. Do not buy anything prepared with animal products or involving violence to animals; such as foods containing gelatin or glycerin, and things made from silk or leather.


Fill in the blank with “do” or “do not” depending upon your what your actions would be,

For Examples:

Namokär Mantra___ Do____
Pick flowers__Do not__
Hurt animals__________
Get angry__________
Say “Jai Jinendra”__________
Tell the truth__________
Eat meat__________
Help poor__________
Be kind__________
Respect teachers__________
Be greedy__________
Kill bugs__________
Be a tattle-tale__________
Give donations__________
Go to Pathshala__________
Tell lies__________
Steal things__________
Be vegetarian__________
Say bad words__________
Respect monks__________
Kill flies__________
Learn religion__________