Trunasparshaparishahe Bhadramaharshi

Jitashtru was the king of shravasti city. He had a son named Bhadra. He was the best of the

On hearing the spiritual sermons from Lord Jineshwar Bhadra got detached to worldliness and took initiation through the Sainta. Then gradually he became well learned.

Once upon a time Bhadra observing a moralbow accepted a vow of wandering all alone, He was wandering on the earth without any hindrance like wind.

The someday while he was wandering towards another state the royal servants taking him as a spy of another kingdom arrested.

Who are you ? Who has sent you here for spyhood ? The royal staff being angry began to ask Bhadramuni frequently.

But Bhadramuni having been stable in a stable of statue did not answer at all. so the royal servants got angry and throwing acid on his body began to tear his skin.

Those wicked people covered Bhadramuni is body all the four sides with thorns like a sword having an acute edge and then leaving him behind they went home.

They cut up the flesh from all the four sides of Bhadramuni’s body as the fools tear up the wings of wisdom fo the wise.

Bhadramuni event if having been aculty pained by pointed thorms did not show any sigh of anger, like an ocean of mercy and tolerance he bone it bravely and patiently.

Even a top point of the thorne gets a living being dejected but the alerted muni even though having pointed thorms fixed into his flesh did not get distressed.

Large hearted Bhadramuni bore up the pain by thorns cheerfully the other salvation seckers too should tolerate such a pain like him.