Black Masala


Black Masala


250 grams dry cilantro,      2 cup dry coconut, grated,

5 bay leaf, 5 black cardamom,      10 grams fennel seeds,

5 cinnamon,      1 tbsp. black pepper,

5 cloves,      100 grams cumin seeds,

2 tbsp. dagad flower,      250 grams dry red chili,

25 grams poppy seeds,            100 grams sesame seeds,

1 tsp. fenugreek seeds,      8-10 bunch curry leaves,

2 piece turmeric,      1 tbsp. nagkesar,

1/2 nutmeg,      1 grams mace,

1 grams asafetida,      2-tsp. mustard seeds.


Roast all the ingredients separately in a little oil. First pound turmeric into fine pieces and then grind. Wash and dry curry leaves, then roast in a little oil. Grind them separately in the mixture. Shift them and fill in bottle.