Raw Tomato Chutney

Raw Tomato Chutney


2 raw tomatoes      3 tbsp. Sesame seeds

1 tbsp. Oil      1 small piece

2-3 green chilies      1 tbsp. Cumin seeds

½ tsp turmeric powder      Salt

Heat oil in a pot. Add cumin seeds and tomato pieces. Cook for 10 minutes. Add all the other ingredients and grind them to paste.

Guava chutney


2 ripe guava      3-4 green chilies

3 pepper seeds      2 tbsp. Cumin seeds

1 tbsp. Fennel seeds      Salt

½ cup cilantro leaves      4 tbsp. Coconut, grated

4 tsp. Sugar

Cut guava into pieces. Mix all the ingredients and make a paste. See that all the seeds of guava are made to paste.