Double-Decker Biscuit Bar

Double-Decker Biscuit Bar


(9 pieces)

8 cream biscuits      1/2 tbsp. ghee

1/2-cup milk powder      1/4-cup milk

2 tbsp. coca powder      1/2-tsp. vanilla extract

4 tbsp. drinking chocolate      6 tbsp. icing sugar

1/2-tsp. lemon juice.


Divide all the biscuits into two parts. Shift 3 times icing sugar, cocoa powder, drinking chocolate. Wrap a rectangular pot with butter paper.

In the top double boiler container melt ghee. Add icing sugar, cocoa powder, drinking chocolate and milk powder. Add milk slowly. The paste is ready to pour. Divide the paste in three parts.

Pour the first part of the paste over the butter paper. Over the paste, spread one half biscuit. Pour the second part of the paste over the biscuit. Spread the remaining half of biscuit. Pour the third part of the paste. Leave for 2 hours in a refrigerator.

Cut them into long strips. Decorate with foil paper.


While pouring the paste, if it cools, keep it in warm water and then pour.