Gundha pickle

Gundha pickle


    • 1-kilo gundha
    • 1-kilo sambhar masala
    • Salt sambhar masala
    • 1-kilo rajapuri raw mango
    • Oil


Wash and dry raw mango. Chop it into piece.

In a pot take mango pieces, salt and turmeric powder. Stir for 2-3 days. Remove and dry on the cloth.

Wash and dry gundha. Break and remove seeds from the gundha. Put them in raw mango water for 24 hours. Remove and squeeze water and then dry on the cloth. Fill sambhar masala in the gundha by pressing.

Take a jar and spread sambhar masala. Over it put gundha and raw mango pieces. Spread sambhar masala. Repeat till all the raw mango pieces and gundha are filled in the jar. Cover a layer with sambhar masala. Press the pickle daily. On the third day pour oil, which is already heated and cooled. 2-3 inch above the pickle