Alcohol, Beer, Ale, and Wines are made with:

Fish glue, Pepsin, Peptone, Lactic acid, Lactose, Glycerine, Gelatine, Egg white, Albumin, Isinglass lactic acid, and / or malo-lactic bacteria.

Some years ago The Center for Science in the Public Interest compiled a list of well over a hundred additives permissible in various alcoholic beverages. These ingredients were not required to be declared on the label. Strictly from a vegetarian standpoint, some are obviously animal, some are suspect, and some can be made either from animal or other sources.

These additives include fish glue, pepsin (stomach extract), peptone (product of pepsin acting on albumin), lactic acid, lactose, glycerine, and gelatine for beer and/or ale. Wines fare no better, with gelatine, egg white or albumin from egg white, isinglass (sturgeon’s bladder), lactic acid, and Malo-lactic bacteria.

The other additives include ingredients such as enzymes to convert starch into sugar; clarifying, chill-proofing, foam stabilising and anti-gushing agents; antioxidant; anti-microbial preservative; artificial colours; plus of course natural and artificial flavours. Who needs them?

Finally, Alcohol results in the death of innumerable Jivas but being intoxicating, it also destroys the power of discrimination, creates delusion in wisdom, harms health and can bring about an end to family happiness and tranquillity.