Whisked Sponge Cake

Whisked Sponge Cake


140 grams all-purpose flour      2-tsp. Baking powder

1/2-tsp. Soda

1/2 tin condensed milk (2oo grams)      60 ml. Butter

75 ml. Water      1 tsp. Vanilla extract

Caster sugar      Mix fruit jam


Prepare the batter as per sponge cake, but a little thinner by mixing a little water.

Make this cake in the biscuit tray. Grease the tray and put the butter paper and spread the batter, evenly thin in the tray. Bake the cake at 375f. For 10-15 minutes. On the other butter paper, dust sugar. Put the cake tray over the dusted sugar paper. Remove the upper butter paper. Apply fruit jam in the center of the cake and roll the cake with the butter paper. Roll it a little and remove the butter paper. Make the roll a little tight. Keep the roll for 10-15 minutes and then make icing.

This type of roll cake is useful in making engines of then train. If cut cross, then can be used as stem for decoration.