Guava Jelly

Guava Jelly


1-liter pectin extract (12 guava)
1-kilo sugar
4 grams citric acid


Wash guava. Cut guava into thick slices. Pour water until all the slices sink in water. Add citric acid and keep on the slow heat. The color of the water will change slowly. When it turn slightly dark taste for jelly taste (spirit taste).

Take jelly water and from the side of the cup and add 2-tsp spirit. If the pectin water sets like jelly then close the gas and shift through a fine cloth. This water is called pectin extract.

Take pectin extract and add sugar and citric acid. Boil till it attains the thickness of jelly. (Glass test) Take water in a glass and pour the boiling extract. If, it settles at the bottom and does not dissolve with water then remove from the gas. Remove the upper layer of the jelly and fill the jelly at once in the sterilized jam bottles. Color and extract can be mixed.

This jelly can be used in the preparation of pudding, ice- cream, salads or can be taken with bread or cakes.

Note: Prepare apple, banana, papaya, plums, or, mango or pineapple jelly in the same way.