Nagarvel Paan’s Mukhwas

Nagarvel Paan’s Mukhwas


    • 100 nagarvel paan
    • 25 grams fennel seeds
    • 200 grams sugar
    • 25 grams dhania dal
    • 20 grams hari patti
    • kasmiri masala
    • menthol
    • 1-cup liquorice
    • chuna


Wash and dry nagarvel paan. Cut them into small pieces (remove the stem). In a frying pan take sugar and add water till it sinks. Melt sugar and mix paan pieces. Make liquorice into powder and mix chuna water. Add this to sugar syrup. Boil for 10 minutes on big heat. When it thickens add fennel seeds, dhania dal and stir till all the water evaporates.

When cool mix menthol and Kashmiri masala. Fill in an air tight jar.