Banana Frankie

Banana Frankie

For the Roti:

2-cups all-purpose flour      1/2-cup wheat flour

salt      ghee

Shift both the flours. Add salt to the flour and knead the flour with water to make the dough. Roll roti from the dough and roast on the griddle. Remove and apply ghee.

For the Cutlets: 8 bananas, 2-tsp. green chilly paste, 3 slices of the bread, 1-tsp. mango powder, 1-cup coriander leaves, 1/2-tsp. sugar, salt , oil for frying.

Boil the bananas in a pressure cooker. Peel and mash them. Add the bread, mango powder, coriander leaves, sugar and salt. Mix well. Make cutlets (patties). Fry in warm oil.

 For the Chutney:

1/2-cup mint      1 1/2-cup coriander leaves

4 green chilies      1-tbsp. lime juice

1-tsp. Sugar      1/2-tsp. cumin seeds


Wash mint leaves and coriander leaves.

Grind all the other ingredients in the mixer to make chutney.


When serving, roast roti on the griddle. Spread chutney over the roti. Place a cutlet on roti. Sprinkle chopped tomatoes. Roll up rotis and serve with tomato sauce.