Three-In-One Ice-Cream

Three-In-One Ice-Cream


Vanilla ice-cream as above (as above)

Strawberry ice-cream (as above)

Pistachio ice-cream:

1 quart milk                   1/2 cup milk powder

200 grams cream           1-tsp. corn flour

1-2 drops green-color      1-tsp. pistachio extract

12-tbsp. Sugar               1-tbsp. margarine or butter


Make pistachio ice cream in the same way as the vanilla ice cream with pistachio extract and green-color. Spread pistachio powder over it.

First set all ice-cream in three different bowls and melt separately. In tall glasses pour vanilla ice cream and freeze all glasses for 2-3 hours. Pour the strawberry ice cream over it to make the second layer. Freeze for 2-3 hours again. Lastly pour the pistachio ice cream, spread chopped pistachio over it and then freeze again.

The three different colors look beautiful.