Banana Gulabjamun

Banana Gulabjamun


200 grams khoya ricota cheese      400 grams sugar

2 ripe bananas

100 grams arrowroot (corn meal)      5-6 cardamom’s powder

12-15 sugar pieces,      ghee for frying

1-2 drops rose extract


Knead the ricota cheese to a big ball. Boil water and put the ricota cheese in the boiling water for 3-4 minutes. Remove the water. Knead the ricota cheese.

Take ripe bananas and peel out the skin. Mash them.

Mix ricota cheese, mashed bananas and arrowroot. Knead for a few minutes. Divide into equal balls. Press a cube of sugar in each ball. Round up and fry in the warm ghee on the low heat.

Take sugar in a pot. Add water until the sugar dissolves. Mix cardamom powder. Boil the mixture to make the syrup with 1 tar (thread). Boil the fried jamuns in the syrup for 10 minutes. Remove and add rose extract when cold.