Banana Cutlets

Banana Cutlets


6 cooking bananas      100 grams peas

1-cup grated coconut      1-tsp. green chilly paste

1-cup coriander leaves      2-tsp. lemon juice

2-tsp. Sugar      salt

15 raisins

1/2-cup arrowroot (corn meal powder).


Boil the bananas and peas in a pressure cooker. Peel and mash the bananas and peas. Add salt and arrowroot and knead to make the dough. Divide into 20-22 equal balls.

Mix grated coconut, green chilly paste, lemon juice, sugar and salt. Mix coriander leaves and raisins. Divide this mixture into equal parts to use for the filling.

Flatten banana ball in the palm and press filling in the center. Round it up and then flatten to form a patty. Deep fry in the warm oil. Serve with the chutney or tomato sauce.