Dry-Fruit Cake

Dry-Fruit Cake


130 grams all-purpose flour      2-tsp. Baking powder

1/2-tsp. Soda

1/2 tin condensed milk (200 grams)

1/4-cup caramel sugar (1 1/2 tbsp. Sugar and 1/4-cup water)

25 grams mixed peel      5 grams cashew- nut

5 grams walnut      5 grams currants

5 grams raisins      60 ml. Butter

75 ml. Water      1 tbsp. Mix fruit extract


Shift all-purpose flour, soda and baking powder.

In a pot take butter and melt beat for 5 minutes. Mix the flour and stir, add a little water and stir. Repeat the process till all the flour is used. Mix cashew- nut and walnut pieces. Mix raisins, currants and mixed peels. Add mix fruit extract and beat. With cut- fault method for 10-15 minutes. See that the batter falls from the spatula or add a little water.

Put the batter into greased butter paper tray. Bake in an oven over 300 f. for 1 hour. Cool the cake and first apply the almond paste (1-2 almonds powder, 3 tsp. Caster sugar, 1tsp.icing sugar and 1 drop almond extract, grind and make paste). Then decorate with icing.

Caramel sugar:

In an iron pot melt sugar on low heat and then add 1/4-cup water and boil. Cool and fill in the bottle. This can be kept in the refrigerator for 1 month.