Appendix – Summary of Swetambar Jain Agams

By Pravin K. Shah
Jain Study Center of North Carolina

Appendix – Summary of Swetambar Jain Agams


The scriptures, which were created in relation to Ang-agams, are called Upang-agams. They provide further explanation of Ang-agams.

  1. Aupa Patika Sutra (Ovavaiya):

    This agam describes the splendid procession (view) of King Konika when he visited Lord Mahavir. It also explains how a person can attain heaven in the next life.

  2. Raja Prashniya Sutra (Raya Pasen Ijja): (Suyagdang):

    This agam describes the story of Monk Keshi. Monk Keshi was the Ganadhara of Lord Parshvanath. He removed the doubts of King Pradeshi regarding the existence and attributes of the soul. Monk Keshi made the king a follower of the Jain religion. After his death, the king was born in heaven as a deva. He appeared from heaven to shower Lord Mahavir with unprecedented pomp and splendor. The thirty‑two dramas (plays) described in this agam throw light upon the ancient dramatic art of India.

  3. Jivabhigama Sutra: (Thanang):

    This agam describes the universe and the subtle description of all living beings (souls) of the universe. It gives very important information to the scholars of biology and botany.

  4. Prajnapana Sutra (Pannavana):

    This agam describes the form and attributes of souls from a different perspective.

  5. Surya Prajnapti Sutra (Surya Pannti):

    This agam describes the Sun, the planets and the associated mathematics regarding their motion.

  6. Chandra Prajnapti Sutra:

    This agam describes the Moon, the planets and the associated, mathematics regarding their motion. Both of these upangas, the Chandra Prajnapti and Surya Prajnapati, are very important in understanding the astrology of olden times.
  7. Jambudveepa Prajnapti Sutra:

    This agam provides a description of Jambudveepa. Jambudeepa is a big island located in the center of the middle world as explained in the Jain geography. It also provides information on ancient kings.

  8. Nirayarvali Sutra:

    This agam describes the story of ten bother princes. All ten princes fought with King Chetaka of Vaishali in cooperation with king Konika. King Chetaka was the half brother of the ten princes. In the end all ten princes went to hell after dying in war.

  9. Kalpa Vatansika Sutra (Kappavadamsiao):

    This agam describes the story of King Konika’s children. They did not fight with King Chetaka in the war. They renounced the world and became monks. After their death, they went to heaven.

  10. Pushpika Sutra (Puspiao):

    This agam describes the previous lives of certain devas (angels) who worshiped Lord Mahavir.

  11. Pushpa Chulika Sutra:

    This agam describes stories similar to those in the Pushpika.

  12. Vrashnidasha Sutra (Vanhidasao):

    This agam explains how Lord Neminath convinced ten kings in the Vrashni region to follow the Jain religion.