Moog Dal Crooquettes

Moog Dal Crooquettes


  • 200 grams green grams (moong dal skinned)
  • 1 pack bread      100 grams groundnut
  • 3-4 green chili paste      1/2-cup green chutney
  • Oil for frying      Salt


Soak moong dal 34 hours. Grind it with the skin. Add salt and green chili paste.

Take a slice of bread and cut into 4 pieces. Cut all the slices

Take a piece of bread, spread chutney and over it put the batter of moong dal. Sprinkle groundnut granules over and press. Fry the conquettes in oil. First keep the topping portion up. Fry till the croquettes are brown in color. Serve with sauce and chutney.