Glossary of Sanskrit Terms

The Jain path to freedom

Glossary of Sanskrit Terms

Guru Shree Chitra Bhanu

Adharma –unreality

Adharma –the law of rest

Ajiva –matter

Akasha –space

Aloka –the void, space where neither matter nor soul exists

Anitya –change, impermanence, transitoriness

Anyatva –that which is other than Self

Arihanta, Arihante, Arihantanum –those who have conquered all inner weaknesses and have reached Self-Realization

Asharana –unprotectedness

Ashrava –inflow of vibrations

Asuchi –the descending or decomposing

Bahutva –manyness, multiplicity

Bandha –binding

Bhavana –reflection or meditation on different facts and aspects of reality

Bodhi –deep inner experiential knowledge, Enlightenment, Self-Realization

Bodhidurlabha –the rarity of finding the right path to Enlightenment

Cattari –four

Dharma (in Pali, Dhammo, Dhammum) –reality, inner truth, that which lifts you and unites you to your Higher Self; the Teaching of Non-Violence, Peace, and Loving kindness for all living beings

Dharma –the law of motion

Ekatva –oneness, aloneness

Jiva –soul, consciousness

Kala –time

Karma –vibrations or particles of matter which bind, influence, and condition the soul until it uncovers itself and realizes its nature to be limitless, luminous, all- knowing, blissful energy.

Kevali –Arihantanum or Omniscient Ones who gave us these insights and truths.

loguttama, loguttamo –supreme, unsurpassed in the universe

loka –the universe

mangalum –auspiciousness, blessedness, blessings

mithyathva –wrong belief, unawareness, confusion

moksha –ultimate liberation, Self-Realization

nirjara –cleansing, breaking, shedding negative vibrations and conditions

nitya –changelessness, permanence, immortal essence

pannato –uttered by

pavajami –I go to, I merge with

pudgala –that which fills and empties, matter

Sahu, Sahunam –saints, seekers

Samsara –the cycle of birth and death, the ever-moving wheel of change

Samvara –stoppage

sharana, sharanum –inner protection, refuge, strength

Siddha, Siddhe, Siddhanum –Perfect Souls who have reached moksha

Suchi –the ascending, the spiritual, the pure

Swa –the Self

Swatva — Selfhood