Obeisance to The Virtuous

Part 1 – Siddhas and Arihants

I offer respect to Lord Siddhas and Arihants, who are: Pioneers of religion, Founders of fourfold Sangh, Self enlightened, Supreme, Strong as lions, Pure like the best Pundarik lotuses, Like the best Gandhasti elephants.

In the universe, you are the supreme, master of all, beneficent to all, and Illuminating like a lamp.

You are: Endowers of fearlessness, Bestower of true vision, Guides to the religious path, Givers of shelter to those troubled by life and death, Donors of religion, Preachers, Leaders, Guides, and Charioteers of the right faith.

You end the transmigration of souls from the cycle of births. You are an island for the souls sinking in the life-ocean, Saviours of souls. You are bearers of absolute knowledge and vision. Your ignorance is totally gone. You are victors of craving and aversion, and are the cause for others to win over the same.

You have crossed over the ocean of transmigration and cause others to do so. You are self-enlightened ones and are inspirator of enlightened faith to others. You have Self-liberated from Karmas and are liberators to others.

You are the Omniscients lords, have omnivision. You are free from calamity, steadfast, free from diseases, infinite and endless, unperishable, and unmolested.

Oh! Lord Siddhas, you have reached to the state from where re- birth is ruled out and you are liberated, while Oh! Lord Arihants, you have reached to the state from where re-birth is ruled out and you would be liberated.

My salutation to those Jineshwaras who have conquered all seven fears.