Reminder of Mistakes to Avoid

During Samayik or Pratikraman, we concentrate our minds. So we keep our thoughts and body steady, without movement. There are thirty-two different kind of mistakes that we should avoid, as listed in our scriptures, for mind, speech, and body.

The ten mental lapses to avoid are: Doing Samayik without respect to Dev, Guru and Dharma, or for fame and prestige, or out of desire for wealth, or with fear or pride, or for other material reward, or with doubt, anger, or impertinence, or under compulsion, without the willingness to do it.

The ten verbal lapses to avoid are: Speaking bad words or speaking without thinking, or talking or singing songs which raise uncontrollable emotions, or indulging in quarrelsome language, gossips, mocking language, irrationality, or in doubtful (mixed) speech, or uttering incomplete words or letters, or uttering speedily without clarity.

The twelve physical lapses avoid are: Sitting uncourteously with crossed legs or with one leg over another, or with unsteady posture, or with unsteady eye-sight, or by leaning against something, or with hand on the head or forehead or in a sorrowful posture, or doing domestic work, or stretching body, hands, or legs lazily, or drowsily, or making sound by cracking knuckles, or scratching dirt from body or rubbing itching parts, or sleeping.

By doing Samayik without these mistakes, and doing it with correct procedure, we get immense and incalculable benefits.