Publisher’s Foreword

Bhagawan Mahavir Research Center was established in 1984 in the renowned Educational Complex known as `Shravika Sanstha Nagar’ in Solapur city mainly

  1. to conduct research in Jaina Religion, Philosophy, Ethics, Literature, History, Society and other aspects of Jaina Culture,
  2. to bring out the contributions of Jaina Religion and Society to Indian culture and
  3. to encourage advanced studies in different branches of Jainology.

This Research Center was extremely fortunate as it was inaugurated in a special function by Siddhanta Chakravarti, Acharya Munishri Vidyanand Maharaj, the reputed Scholar-Saint of India, in the angust presence of many learned scholars assembled from different parts of India for participation in the “National Seminar on Research in Jainology” organized by the Research Center to synchronize with its inauguration ceremony.

It is heartening to note that the Research Center has got a very well-equipped library of old manuscripts, sacred texts, canonical works, research journals and rare books in different branches of Jainology. The Research Center has also started various programs like publication of books and journals, organization of seminars and workshops, distribution of research and travel grants, provision of library and study facilities etc. Again as a part of nation- wide celebration of 2000th Anniversary of Acharya Kunda Kunda’s during 1988-89 the Research Center arranged to publish in England and to distribute free the new critical edition in English of Acharya Kunda-Kunda’s standard work Niyamasara. Further, the Research Center has now made available to the scholars the modern study-room facilities in the newly built spacious and impressive building of “Dhyana Swadhyaya Mandir” in the Educational Complex area.

Recently the Research Center launched an important project of publishing a new and useful Series of Monographs dealing with different significant aspects of research studies in various branches of Jainology. It is really a matter of great satisfaction that in this series the first Monograph written by eminent Sociologist and Jainologist Dr. Vilas Sangave on the concept and practice of Ahimsa in Jainism is being published under the title “The Jaina Path of Ahimsa”. It is pertinent to note here that Dr. Vilas Sangave has to his credit a number of standard research publications of Books and Papers on Jaina Society and Religion and that his several books have not only secured international recognition but have also got the distinction of being quoted as authority by reputed scholars all over the world. It is, therefore, hoped that his new Monograph entitled “The Jaina Path of Ahimsa” would be found useful both by the academicians and the general readers as well.

It is our ardent desire to see that this Series of Monographs on Jainology is continued in right earnest and that the Monographs on different important aspects of Jaina Studies specially written by reputed scholars in the field are published as soon as possible for the benefit of persons interested in the study of various branches of Jainology.

Sumatibai Shah


Bhagawan Mahavir Research Center