Third stage of development

This is a sort of mixed state in which there is neither liking nor disliking of the truth; a sort of indifference. No great desire or energy is put forth in this state. It is a sort of intermediary stage between an intense dislike of truth and a true relish for the truth. The right attitude of mind towards the truth, towards life, and the universe, is not altogether inoperative. In this stage the most intense or lifelong anger, pride, deceitfulness, and greed are controlled by the mind; they do not rise up. This is the essential in this stage; we come to this stage by loosening the anger, etc. This third stage is a state like that produced by the energy of the second of the 28 sub-divisions of class four.

Whereas this stage and the second stage of development are only momentary in duration, the first stage is of long duration; and when we rise for the first time above this third stage our development is roughly speaking half accomplished.