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Global Peace: A Thought
* Sumer K. Jain

The changing world

The scenario of the world is fast changing and it is before too late to accept the idea of peace, a must to surrender our greed of power, whether political or economical or economical or social to the betterment, uplift and progress of the human race dwelling on this planet. Various groups living in the bondage of supremacy of world powers wanted to be free. Freedom is their birth right. Freedom first and peace afterwards is the thought of various groups fighting far that purpose. The old notion of peace has also gone away. Peace for the big nation and slavery for the small nation is a hypocratic thinking. Political peace means all big and small nations must think alike. Hence all of them must feel the very purpose of peace. Understanding between nation and nation, a talk and a dialogue for each of their complaints, and no intimidation what so ever. So the members of the government must have strong faith in nonviolence and peaceful brotherhood. No hasty steps to carne to the conclusion to war, should be taken by any member of the world nation.

For this the minds of the people of the world should rise above all the short comings, all types superiority of race, richness, colour, language, culture, religions, and the like. Equality in thinking, that all the nations, big or small are the respected members of the world family. So love all, all those who want to participate the idea of world peace, world-community should join hands. Notice towards none and charity for all were the words of Lincon, the American President. American Presidents have always talked of peace and love, but they have failed to promote peace in right direction. If any nation of the world violates the Magnacharta of world peace, it should think of the dire consequences of its action. Peace is violated because some of the nations want to dominate others. Domination, violence, supremacy are now the out-dated words. They have lost their meaning in the present world situation.

Possibility of Global peace

Under the pretext of the above situation we have to think whether the idea of global peace is viable, whether it has ground to stand and whether it will take its roots. The answer is positively-Yes. It is because, new generation wants freedom from domination of others. Small groups in every nation are challenging the present political order. Russians who were tightly bounded for years together and had no freedom of thought and expression have revolted strongly. One can not suppress this desire by internal – war or in – fighting�s. We have to re-order the world-thinking. Old type of thinking of peace and non-violence has no meaning at all. The root causes of their unrest are to be studied and then removed. So only talk of world-peace will not do. It is useless to talk of that, when the root causes are prevalent. Fear, suppression, no representation in state rule, ignorance of rights and duties, anger towards the opposites, economically bad conditions and ignorance of vitality of peace are the main causes and those should be uprooted.

Peace is the part of life

Here, we have to make ourselves aware of the positiveness of world peace. People should respect all the activities of peace and respect human race without which all the efforts of peace will be fruitless. Only poverty is not the problem. Awareness of the peace efforts, which are carried out by the various agencies in the world is very important. All should keep effective contact with those who are holding power of the states. In every country global peace councils are to be set up. Media should be used to promote the cause of world peace.

All the schools and colleges and educational institutions should encourage the students to be aware of the world peace. They should be taught to respect the principles of peace, love and respect for the human race and settle problems by dialogues, creative thinking to promote peace among the masses of the world, and establishing peace clubs, societies and foundations. Many more peace loving people must come forward. Wars, battles and clashes between the human groups will destroy harmony and tranquility of the mind of the people all around the world. This we have seen in the war between Iraq and America. Indian agriculture suffered and Indian people living in Iraq also suffered. Men of this century have seen many bloody wars, battles, conflicts and inhuman behaviour of the terrorists all over the world. Rajiv Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India and many prominent men have lost their lives. This is because we have not learnt the lessons from war and hatred among races, religions and colour. Many rulers of the world must think in terms of the world peace and tranquility. War is dangerous to the human creativity. It has destroyed what men have created during past two thousand years-previous buildings, monuments, libraries, dams and establishments. Apart from physical losses, the loss of the mental balance, spiritual love and kindness to living beings are to be considered.

Therefore, this aspect of loss to property and lives must be inculcated on the minds of new generations. For this the right faith and right thinking are two most important things, which are to be taught to the new young generation. Every living being must be loved and honoured. The teaching of great sages, saints, philosophers, writers, thinkers must be honoured. Some scientists say that propagation of pure thoughts and filling the atmosphere with peace, love and compassion will turn the tide of violence into world peace movement. Workers of the movement should plan, and execute the plan without any fear. How to spread the message of peace, and intensify the movement, is the question before us. It should be mass-movement and must be spread in the countries. Violence is a curse on the human race. If we do not accept it the human race will be wiped out of this planet. Planning for human destruction by way of star-war, chemical weaponry and modern atomic bombs should be wiped out with firm motivation.

Change in political attitude

For this movement of peace and brotherhood, we have to have dialogue with the Governments of the world, without which our task will bring no fruits. Politically we are not ripe though science has made progress by leaps and bounds. Emotionally we have not crossed the primary stage. Intentionally, the original cruelty, enmity and greed of possession have not yet been calmed down. We have not changed very much. The thirst of blood and bloodshed is hidden inside. Therefore the task before the world-peace organisation is very hard, and it is needless to say that we have to fight the demon of violence, greed and aggressiveness with all our power.

To conclude, I am optimistic and believe very strongly in the power of soul, which is very much eternal, and this power of peace will bring the change in this blood-thirst desire of the human race. We should not be disheartened when we undertake to change the world. New-generation on this very planet will try its best, if properly guided and taught to overcome all the odds and difficulties in our way bringing eternal peace of mind, faith and action.


Beadles are we of Global Peace

Advent shall we proclaim of serenity.

Title to live, claims a soul mellow,

Sentiments, knowledge, freedom follow

Peaceful ways to tread life peacefully,

Leaving track to follow tomorrow neatly.

Joyous fountains dance in every heart

Heralding tranquility, ease and percipience

Merged are malice, hatred totally

In the impetuous overruling peace to follow,

Beadles are we of Global Peace

Advent shall we proclaim of serenity.

Composed by,

Prof. J. L. Rohekar
P. S. English Medium High � School
Shravika Sansthanagar, Solapur.


* Peace is liberty in tranquility. -Cicero

* Peace is the nurse of arts. -Cicero

* Peace rules the day, when reason rules the mind. -W. Coltius

* Peace is always beautiful. -W. Whitman

* Fair peace is becoming to men;

Fierce anger belongs to beasts. -Ovid

* Who gives a nation peace, gives tranquility to all.

-Horace Walpole

* Peace cannot be kept by force,

It can only be achieved by understanding. -Albert Einstein

* Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. -Emerson

* When a man finds no peace within himself, it is useless to seek it elsewhere. -La Rochefoucauld

* Peace begins just where ambition ends. -Young