Songs for Jr. Kindergarten

English Songs for Children Age 3 or 4 Years and Up[From Jr. Kindergarten ]

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Navkar Mantra1Navkar Mantra – 5 Pads  Text For Song
Navkar Mantra01_aDing Dong Bell  Text For Song
Navkar Mantra01_bIn the morning I will pray Text For Song
Navkar Mantra01_cEarly in the morning Text For Song
Jai Jinendra2I can see left                              Text For Song
Jai Jinendra02_aA Simple way to greet Text For Song
Jai Jinendra02_bI will say Jai JinendraText For Song
JAIN TEMPLE3So silently I sitText For Song
JAIN TEMPLE03_aTwinkle Twinkle Text For Song
JAIN TEMPLE03_bOne little child  Text For Song
JAIN TEMPLE03_cOh look at me Text For Song
WHOM DO I PRAY TO?4Bhagwan Mahavir Text For Song
WHOM DO I PRAY TO?04_aLata goes to the Upasharay        Text For Song
ANIMALS ARE MY FRIENDS5I have many friendsText For Song
ANIMALS ARE MY FRIENDS05_aMala had a lamb Text For Song
ANIMALS ARE MY FRIENDS05_bThe Dog says bow vow Text For Song
ANIMALS ARE MY FRIENDS05_cOur jungle friends  Text For Song
VEGETARIAN6Hot cross buns  Text For Song
VEGETARIAN06_aPat a cake Text For Song
VEGETARIAN06_bTo the market Text For Song