Fourth stage of development-part-2

In this stage, there is no dislike of the truth or any vacillating or doubt about the truth when it is presented. The person also does not get angry in the most intense degree to feel that he could never forgive or be amiable to the object of his anger. There is the right attitude of mind; but there is lack of control over the less intense degrees of anger and over the other passions under class 4 of energies; also lack of control of the sense pleasures.

Persons in this stage know the value of self-control; some make the effort, but through weakness fail to practice it; and some do not make the effort. But they all appreciate the value of self-control.

With regard to which of the foreign energies are or may be generated in this stage and the causes which are or may be operative, the first cause or impelling force does not operate, and so the most undesirable kinds of these foreign energies are not generated in this stage, such as the somnambulistic state, or sleep states of the intensity where the person or animal is asleep while walking, or where he rolls to and fro while a sleep, standing or sitting, in which states the senses do not work and the first stage of knowledge is prevented. (In clairvoyance or psychic knowledge, as it has been called, the clairvoyance is experienced while the five senses are awake, and not while in sleep of trance.)

Intense dislike of the truth is not generated in this fourth stage of development; nor is the worst degree of an anger, pride, deceitfulness or greed, nor are the neuter and feminine sex passions generated in this stage. Nor is hell or animal existence generated; nor an unsymmetrical body; an ungainly walk; an unmusical voice; nor unpopularity.

However, we may generate, in this fourth stage, forces which obscure knowledge; also forces which cause pleasure and pain, the less intense anger, etc., prejudice, grief, fear, male-formed body, musical voice, popularity, etc., life in social surroundings not low; also we are in this stage liable to generate forces which make us morally weak, mean, unable to make profit, to enjoy good things, though amongst them, or to do some good actions which we might wish to do.