Aim of Preksha Dhyana

The main purpose of the practice of preksa-dhyana is to purify the mental states. Mind is constantly choked by contaminating urges, emotions and passions. This hampers the flow of wisdom. The hurdles of uncleanliness must first be removed. When the mind is cleansed peace of mind automatically surfaces. Balance of mind, equanimity and the state of well-being are also experienced simultaneously.

As we shall see later, manifestation of “Taijasa Lesya” is the commencement of purity of mind. The state of’ well being is ever associated with Taijasa Lesya. Thus “Taijasa Lesya” brings about the state of well-being; “Padma Lesya” brings about peace of mind; and “Sukla Lesya” results in purity and equanimity.

It should always be remembered that the ultimate aim of sadhaka is purity and equanimity-freedom from contamination of passions. The state of well-being is not our ultimate aim, it will inevitably ensue; nevertheless, it is not the objective. Similarly peacefulness is also a secondary benefit and will always be achieved, but not the aim. We have to transcend both these mental states to reach our ultimate purpose, viz. total purity of mind and goodness.