Appendix 8

Illustrated Tirthankar Charitra

Shri Amar Muni

Appendix 8

The Tirthankars in Mahavideh Area (The Twenty Viharmans)

At present one hundred and twenty Tirthankars exist in the Mahavideh area. The names of the twenty Viharman Tirthankars are as follows-

1. Shri Simandhar Swami

2. Shri Yugmandhar Swami

3. Shri Bahu Swami

4. Shri Subahu Swami

5. Shri Sujat Swami

6. Shri Svayamprabh Swami

7. Shri Rishabhanan Swami

8. Shri Anantvirya Swami

9. Shri Surprabh Swami

10. Shri Vishaldhar Swami

11. Shri Vajradhar Swami

12. Shri Chandranan Swami

13. Shri Chandrabahu Swami

14. Shri Bhujangam Swami

15. Shri Ishwar Swami

16. Shri Nemiprabh Swami

17. Shri Virsen Swami

18. Shri Mahabhadra Swami

19. Shri Devyash Swami

20. Shri Ajitvirya Swami

Shri Simandhar Swami

He is the first Viharman Tirthankar. He was born in the Pundarikini town of the Pushpakalavati state of the east Mahavideh area in the Jambu continent. His father was king Shreyans and mother Satyaki. He was considered to be a great man as his mother had seen fourteen great dreams. His symbol is the bull. He was given the name Simandhar because he followed the discipline to highest limit.

When he became a youth, his body grew to 500 Dhanush in height and he was married to a princess named Rukmani.

After an age of 8.3 million Purvas he became and ascetic and attained omniscience. His complete age is 8.4 million Purvas.

The twenty Viharman Tirthankars existing at present in the Mahavideh area were born at the same time just after the Nirvana of the 17th Tirthankar of Bharat area, Kunthunath. All of them took Diksah together just after the Nirvana of 20thTirthankar Munisuvrat. Just after one month of becoming ascetics they all attained omniscience. They all will get liberated at the same time after the Nirvana of the seventh Tirthankar of future ascending cycle of time, shri Udaynath.

When all these Tirthankars are liberated other future Tirthankars will attain omniscience in the other part of Mahavideh area. This is an unbroken tradition since time immemorial and will continue for all time to come. The rule is that a minimum of twenty Tirthankars must always exist. The maximum number can go up to 170.