Concluding Remarks

In conclusion we note that:

  1. The Karma body and the tejas body are electromagnetic in nature. The Karma body is made up of coherent electromagnetic magnetic field and the tejas body is in the form of energy bodies. The tejas body also contains Nadis and Chakras when the person is alive and physical body exists
  2. The Karma are stored in the form of light structure in the Karma body The Karma remain in the passive mode for a long period of time and during this period they do not affect the working of the physical body and tejas body.
  3. When the Karma become active they control and regulate the body functions mainly in two broad ways.
    1. The ghatin Karma control our feelings through lesyas in the tejas body. The feelings regulate hormone secretions from the endocrine glands which control the body functions. The ghatin Karma also control the mind and the nervous system.
    2. The aghatin Karma operate at the level of genes and DNA. The genes contain the necessary codes for making different types of proteins and cells which can constitute bodies for all species. The working of DNA is supposed to be controlled by light photons emitted by the coherent magnetic field of Naam Karma in the Karma body. Under the effect of feeling producing Karma these light photons can also produce faulty genes which cause disease of various kinds. The division of cells and hence the age of an organism is also controlled by Karma. There is evidence that ghatin Karma may also influence the working of genes.
  4. The ultimate source of intelligence and knowledge is the soul. It is the power of the soul which can perform the feats like.
    1. Control and regulate millions of chemical and biological activities in a cell per second in all the trillions of cells at a time.
    2. Establish correlations between all the cells for a purposeful and meaningful functioning of the body.
    3. Maintain a liason and harmony with other organisms, the environment and with the cosmos at large through the powerful magnetic fields.

It is interesting to repeat here the following scientific statements

“……….. There observations, among others, suggest control within the living state that is non-local and possibly electromagnetic in nature. Many significant correlation between features of the weak biological process, such as cell division, death, and major shifts in metabolism, exist. These correlations may indicate that the light (electromagnetic field of the organism) is a sensitive, global expression of biological regulating processes. Biological process may be integrated by the endogenous bio electromagnetic field that has a primary organizational and informational role.”

In this book we have briefly dealt with essentials of the Doctrine of Karma, that is required to understand the mechanism behind its operation, the scientific findings relevant to this doctrine and have attempted to eastablish a relationship between the two different schools of thoughts and have seen that the two streams of knowledge not only support each other but also enhance our understanding of the subtle secrets of life which are guiding and governing our behaviour physically, mentally and emotionally. The science offer no contradictions with the religious themes but rather strengthen our belief in the fundamental laws of life enunciated by the omniscient. These findings, I hope, would deepen our faith in the truth seeking path shown by Arihantas. This is particularly significant for those who do not believe in the existence of soul. Irrespective of his point of view or belief the law of nature is working in every individual and guiding his destiny. Those who wish to know more about the realities of nature, as pronounced by Arihantas, are reffered to other canonical texts on Jainism.

Lastly, we end with the hearty remark that the Jaina doctrine “What you sow is what you reap” is perfectly scientific and true.