Pandit Rajmat Pande

Poet Pandit Rajmat Pande

The name of Pandit Raimatji is particularly remarkable amongst those scholars of Rajasthan, who dedicated their souls to the pursuit of literature commensurate with pursuit of the self. His chief residence was Vairat Nagar of Dhundhahar state and his mother-tongue was Dhundhari. He was also a great scholar of Sanskrit and Prakrit.

He lived before Banarsidas in the 17th century. He completed his first biography of Jambu Swami in 1633 A.D. As such he must have been born in the beginning of the 17th century.

He possessed all-round scholarship. He was a poet, critic, scholar and orator all rolled in one. Deep spiritual principles have been in his poetic works of a high order. Following of his works are available :-

  • 1. Jambu Swami Charit
  • 2. Chhando Vidya
  • 3. Adbyatma Kamal Martand
  • 4. Tattvarthasutra Tika
  • 5. Samaysar KalashBal Bodh Tika
  • 6. Panchadhyayee.