Pandit Jaychand Chhabra

Pandit Jaychand Chhabra

(Samvat 1795-1881)

Pandit Jaychand Chhabra occupies an important place in the spiritual-minded geniuses of Jaipur. He was born in a village Fagi on the Diggi-Malpura road, thirty miles away from Jaipur. His father was Motiramji Chhabra.

At the early age of eleven he was drawn towards spiritual studies. After some days he came to Jaipur, where he got the company of Pandit Todarmalji and others. He attained spiritual knowledge in the group of Jaipur.

His son, Pandit Nandlal, was also a great scholar. Pandit Jaichandji has himself showered praises on him.

His works are mostly commentaries, which are called Vachnikas. He has also some original works to his credit. Following are some of his important works :

  • 1. Tattvarthasutra Vachanika
  • 2. Sarwarthasiddhi Vachanika
  • 3. Prameya Ratanmala Vachanika
  • 4. Dravya Sangraba Vachanika
  • 5. Samaysar Vachanika
  • 6. Ashta Pahud Vachanika
  • 7. Gyanarnava Vachanika
  • 8. Dhanya Kumar Charit Vachanika
  • 9. Kartikeyanupreksha Vachanika
  • 10. Pad Sangraha.