Sri Satishkumar Jain

Mr. Satishkumar Jain

Mr. Satish Kumar Jain is a social figure of National and International repute among the Jains, writer, journalist, devoted to the cause of Vegetarianism and Animal Protection to the core of his heart. Mr. Satish Kumar Jain was born on 22nd October, 1930 in Nehtaur, District Bijnore, Uttar Pradesh.

He passed M.A.(Economics) and L.L.B. He has through out been a brilliant student in school, college and university securing high marks in examinations and very actively participated in the literary and debating activities at all levels. He practiced in legal profession at Bijnore during 1954-1957. Joined service in Forestry Division of the Union Ministry of Agricultural, New Delhi in November, 1957. He has retired from the Ministry of Enviornment and Forests, Govt. of India as Consultant in December, 87. A very sincere and hard working officer, he has been actively involved with wild life preservation, afforestation, social forestry in the country, formulation of 5 year plans of Forestry sector, various UNDP, FAO,World Bank, US-AID, Swedish, Canadian, British assisted forestry projects with their monitoring of progress, foreign training assignments, development of Indian forests.

Mr. Jain has been very keen and active social worker since 1958. He has been President of Jain Sabha New Delhi and Chairman of Jain Happy School, the two prominent institutions of New Delhi, for many years. Being associated with these two prominent institutions in the long time span of 38 years, during which period he has been their Secretary, Vice-President and President, he has almost single handedly brought up the institutions to the prominence they now enjoy.

He established the organisation “Ahimsa International ” in 1973 as its Founder Secretary General in which position he still continues. This organisation, due to his hard work, is now well known in the Jain community of India and various other countries for its work in the field of Vegetarianism, prevention of cruelty to animals, initiation of various awards for meritorious work in the field of vegetarianism and animal protection, literature etc. assistance to disabled, educational, literary and welfare activities. World Jain Congress was established by him in 1985 as its Secretary General. He has successfully organised several world Jain Conferences and Regional Jain Conferences in America, New Delhi, Bangkok and Singapore.

He established “Shraman Sahitya Sanstahn” in 1973 – the socio-literary institution of which he is the Honorary Director. Through it, he is promoting literary work and editing and publishing a bilingual (English & Hindi) research based quarterly journal “Ahimsa Voice” since 1988 which is mainly devoted to Vegetarianism, Animal Welfare, rights of the Women and Children, Jain Literature, Cultural and Art.

Mr. Satish Kumar Jain has been President of various local institutions and actively connected with some All India Jain institutions as office bearer/Member of the Executive Committee.

Mr. Jain has visited U.S.A., Canada, U.K., France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Thailand and Singapore several times to propagate the principles of Jainism, to promote vegetarianism, to deliver lectures on important subjects of Jainology and art. His papers have been published in the Souvenirs of the Conventions of Federation of Jain Associations of America and Canada and various other journals. He has been honoured at various occasions in USA, U.K. Bangkok, Singapore and in India in recognition of his meritorious social and literary work.

Mr. Jain is a prolific writer on wild life, forestry, economic matters, foreign travels, places of tourism in India, art, archaeology and culture. His over 300 articles on these subjects have been published in leading literary periodicals and newspapers of India. He has written, edited and compiled. He is also the author of a few voluminous books, which have received wide appreciation and recognition.

Most of all Mr. Jain is a distinguished activist of vegetarianism and animal welfare of the country for his co-ordination and public awareness activities in these fields. On these subjects he has organised various national seminars, which have been attended by Central Ministers, Members of Parliament and activities in these fields. He is widely known among the Jain Scholars and journalists of India and organises annual felicitation functions for presenting suitable awards to them for their creative work.

Mr. Jain is also a keen photographer and collector of coins and stamps. He has a large collection of excellent snapshots and transparencies of Jain and Hindu temples, icons caves, mansthambhas and other monuments, mostly photographed by him.

He is unbelievably hard working at the age of 68 years, straight forward highly social, polite, and amenable. A person of great determination, action and organisational capability. Married in Feb. 1957 to Shanta Rani Jain in New Delhi, he has one Engineer son Rajiv Jain and two daughters Madhulika Jain and Shalini Jain.


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