Dr. Dinanath  Sharma

Mr. Dinanath  Sharma

Born on 20th June 1960, Mr. Dinanath Sudarshan Sharma did his schooling at U.P.Board, Allahabad. He obtained his B.A. from Gorakhpur University and M.A. from Gujarat University. In 1992 he secured his Ph.D. on ‘Critical Edition, Linguistic and Textual Study of Upadeshmala by Dharmadasagani’.

Some of his major research papers include “Non standard usages in the Panchatantra (Tantrakhyaiyika)” accepted by the selection committee at the 10th World Sanskrit Conference held at Bangalore. It has also been published in the Nirgranth IInd Volume. His “Isibhasiyahan Ke Kuch Adhyayanoh Ka Bhasha Shastriya Vishshleshan” was read at the first All India Conference on Prakrit and Jain Study in 1988 at Varanasi and was published in the proceeding of the same in the year 1994. “Siya and Asiya two Prakrit forms and Pischel on them” was read at the 32nd All India Oriental Conference at Ahmedabad in 1985 and was published in the Shramana Volume 7-9 in the year 1990. “A comprehensive study of Infinitives and Absolutives used in the vedas and Prakrit Dialects” was presented in the Jnana Satra of All Gujarat University and College Sanskrit Teachers Association held in 1997. “Coinage of some new Sanskrit words based on a Prakrit word ‘Sabhatya’ by Gunavinayagani” was read at Hemachandra Samaroha in Patan in 1997. “Problems in learning Prakrit Languages” was presented in the Diamond Jubilee ceremony held at Varanasi in 1998.

Under the able guidance of Dr.K.R.Chandra he has obtained immense research experience. He has assisted Dr.Chandra in re-editing the ‘Payiyasadhabhahannawo’ into ‘Prakritsahindikosh’ and has also prepared erreta of it. His research experience also include Sanskrit version of Prakrit words of Acharanga Part I and recognition of grammatical forms. Word-cards of some Ashokan Inscriptions with their Sanskrit version and recognition of their forms.

Dr.Sharma has published the Hindi translation of Panchashaka (Prakrit Text) by Ach.Haribhadrasuri on the basis of its commentary in Sanskrit by Ach.Abhaydevasuri.

As a teacher Mr.Sharma has taken up classes in Prakrit for two years in the School of languages, Ahmedabad, Gujarat University. From 1989 to 1991 he has taught students of Diploma (Graduate level) and Advance Diploma (P.G.level) at P.V.Research Institute, Varanasi. He taught Sanskrit at Adivasi Arts and Commerce College, Santrampur and Adivasi Arts and Commerce College, Ehiloda till 1996. At present he is teaching in the Department of Sanskrit and Bharatiya Vidya (Post Graduate level) Patan, Gujarat University. He has also been delivering lectures to the students of Summer Workshop since 1991 on Prakrit and Jainology at the B.L.Institute of Indology, Delhi.