Acharya Uma Swami

The Jain community is not acquainted with the life story, as with famous Tattvartha Sutra of Uma Swami, who attained great fame even with very small volume of written work.

He was the chief disciple of Kund Kund Acharya and blessed this land in the last days of the first Vikram century and the first part of its second century.

Acharya Uma Swami is one of those glorious Acharyas, who enjoy complete reliability and respect in the line of the Acharyas. In Jain tradition, Tattvartha Sutra enjoys the same dignity as Gita amongst the followers of Vedic religion, Bible amongst the Christians and Quran amongst the Mohammadans. It is also called Moksha Shastra. It is the first Jain scripture in the Sanskrit language.

This holy book has been prescribed in the courses of all the examining bodies and is taught in all the Jain schools.

The present portion is on the basis of Tattvartha Sutra.