Acharya Vidyanandji

Acharya Vidyanandji

In the true tradition of Jain Acharyas we are lucky to have Acharya Vidyanandji in the 20th century. It is for many many centuries that a person of this calibre, vision, knowledge, exceptional managerial skills and towering personality is available to the Jains.

Many historical and landmark projects were undertaken by him to help the Jains to come together (cutting across the sectarian barriers) and understand the great treasures (of values, philosophy and literature) inherited by us as a result of excellent work done by Jain Acharyas over many many centuries.

His command over many languages (current and ancient), depth of knowledge and great amount of research in old scripts is reflected in his actions, thinking, discourses and many books written by him.

He has widely traveled across the length and breadth of the country covering thousands of miles on barefoot including visit to ice covered Amarnath Caves in Himalayas accessible only for a few days in a year for the benefit of all living beings.

May his continued presence be a constant source of inspiration for all of us to spread the message of Sarvodaya (world religion), for the benefit of all living beings.