Dr. Kamalchand Sogani

Prof.(Dr.) Kamal Chand Sogani

Prof.(Dr.) Kamal Chand Sogani was born on 25th August, 1928 in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. He is B.Sc., M.A. in Philosophy and Ph.D.in Jaina Philosophy. In his 53 years of teaching experience he taught the Under Graduate and the Post Graduate students. He served as Professor and Head of the Department of Philosophy at Sukhadia University in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Presently, Dr.Kamal Chand is the Chief Editor of the Encyclopedia of Jainism (under the auspices of Academic Foundation of North America) and the Chairman of Prakrta Language Samiti (Prakrta Bharati Academy, Jaipur). He is member of the Executive Body of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi. He is also Nominee of the U.G.C. at the Board of Management, Jaina Vishva Bharati Institute, Ladnun (Deemed University)

He has twenty years of experience in guiding research. His areas of specialisation include Jaina Ethics and Philosophy, Indian Philosophy, Western Moral Philosophy, Mysticism, Philosophy of Religion, Prakrta and Apabhramsa Languages.

In 1983 he participated in the International Jain Sammelan held at London.

Being a achiever, Dr.Kamal Chand adorns many valuable publications. He is featured in the 1987 editions of ‘International Who’s Who In Education’ (Cambridge, England) and ‘Men of Achievement’ (Cambridge, England). He is also mentioned in ‘Reference Asia’ (Rifacimento International 1991) and ‘Learned Asia’ (Rifacimento Internation 1992).

Dr.Kamal Chand Sogani has published the following books.

  1. Ethical Doctrines in Jainism
  2. Samayasaar Chayanika
  3. Ashtapahud Chayanika
  4. Paramatma Prakash Chayanika
  5. Pahud Dhoha Chayanika
  6. Aacharang Chayanika
  7. Dhashavaykalik Chayanika
  8. Prakrth Rachana Sowrab
  9. Prakrth Abhyas Sowrab
  10. Apbramsh Kavya Sowrab
  11. Apbramsh Abhyas Sowrab
  12. Prowd Apabramsh Rachana Sowrab
  13. Apabramsh Kavya Sowrab
  14. Utharadhyayan Chayanika
  15. Samanasuttam Chayanika
  16. Samanasuttam Volume 1
  17. Aacharya Kundh Kundh : Dhravyavichaar
  18. Vajjalagg Me Jeevan Mulya
  19. Wakpatiraaj Ki Lokanubhuthi
  20. Geeta Chayanika
  21. Mahavira and his Philosophy of Life

The various papers published by him are :

He has been invited to attend many prestigious Seminars.