C.N. Sanghavi

Mr. C.N. Sanghavi

Born on October 1926, Mr. C. N. Sanghavi has a rare combination of various factors professional Industrialist, Educationist and Social work.

It is a custom amongst the Jains to arrange pilgrimage known as Tirth Yatra.Persons joining such a pilgrimage are collectively known as SANGH. The surname “SANGHAVI” denotes a leader of such a SANGH.

In accordance with this tradition, under the able leadership of Mr. Sanghavi, the SANGH of many organisations is marching ahead. It is a coincidence that means “Walk together, Talk together, Act with one mind” is the theme of Jain Social Groups’ Federation. Right from his name to his personality, Mr. Sanghavi is a true Jain leader and guide to a host of organisations in various capacities of President, Vice-President of professional business, educational, cultural and social organisations:

Mr. Sanghavi has played a pivotal role in spreading the movement of Jain Social Group to the four corners of India and in the international field. Mr. Sanghavi was elected President of Jain Social Group, Mumbai, in the year 1975. During his tenure of seven years as President of the Jain Social Group, Mumbai, he was instrumental in its rapid growth and expansion. Mr. Sanghavi is the Founder President of Jain Social Groups’ Federation under whose nucleus all the groups are working. In August 1998 there are 190 groups with more than 70000 members. Under the dynamic Leadership of Mr. Sanghavi Jain Social Groups” Federation has now become the biggest and the only International organisation of Jains. He galvanised activities of many institutions as :

  • Founder President, Jain Social Groups’ Federation.
  • Founder President, Indian Vegetarian Congress, Mumbai.
  • Founder President, Shri Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya Alumni Association.
  • Founder President, Shri Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya Alumni Federation
  • Founder President, Jetpur Praja Mandal.
  • Ex-Chairman, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India,
  • Western India Regional Council.
  • Ex-Chairman, Western Indian Chartered Accountants Students’ Association.
  • Ex-President, The Sales Tax Practitioners’ Association.
  • Ex-President, United Jain Students’ Home Past Students’ Union.
  • Ex-President, United Youth Association.
  • Ex-President, Jain Social Group, Mumbai
  • Vice-President, All India Jain Swetamber, Conference
  • Vice-President, Indian Laminate Manufacurers’ Association.
  • Ex-Vice President, Rajkot Jain Mitra Mandal.

Mr. Sanghavi is the Chairman-Trustee of Jain Academy recently established for the purpose of study and research in Jainism in various Universities and other educational institutions. He has been successful in establishing “Jain Academy Educational & Research Centre in Mumbai University and Sausrashtra University, Rajkot and M.S. University, Baroda within a short time. Trusts and Foundations which flourished under his ledership include :

  • Jain Social Groups’ Federation Foundation (Chairman)
  • Mahavir Health Foundation
  • Western India Chartered Accountants Students’ Educational Trust.
  • C.N. Sanghavi Charitable Trust (Chairman)
  • Jain Centre Trust.
  • Jain Academy (Chairman)
  • Jain Social Group (Mumbai) Foundation (President)
  • Panchamia Eye Hospital Trust
  • Jetpur Kelvani Mandal Trus
  • Sanghavi Pariwar Foundation
  • United Jain Student’s Home
  • Jetpur Praja Mandal Foundation (Chairman)

ANEKANTVADA is one of the basic principles of Jainism. On account of the firm belief of Mr. Sanghavi in this basic philosophy of Jainism, he has a broad mind. Broad vision and broad outlook. In one of the inaugural speech delivered by him at London, he said, “While taking care that we do not enter into secterial controversies, we have a great role to play not only in spreading the message of Lord Mahavir but also in propagating social, cultural and religious values. In this respect we may be slow but steady, cautious but enlightened, liberal and progressive but at the same time idealistic and positive. We, and particularly our younger generation are averse to rituals and extravagance, showmanship and exhibitionism which are generally attached to such rituals. Our primary object is to bring all Jains on one common platform. If we are the real disciples of Lord Mahavir, we must work on the same wave-length. “Incidentally, Mr.Sanghavi has addressed few International interfaith meetings and seminars on Jainism and Anekantwad. At one such International Conference Mr. N.A. Palkhiwala had stated that the 21st Century belongs to the Jains. It is Mr. Sanghavi’s dream that this forecast of Mr. Palkhiwala proves to be correct. As a member of Managing Committee, Governing Council Etc he has guided the trends of

  • Bhagvan Mahavir Kalyan Kedra
  • Mahavir Nirvan-2500th Mahotsav Samiti
  • Bharat Jain Maha Mandal
  • Shri Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya
  • Bhagvan Mahavir Seva Sangh
  • Mumbai Jain Yuvak Sangh, Sahayog Samiti
  • Saurashtra Dasa Shrimali Bhojanalaya
  • Saurashtra Dasa Shrimali Seva Sangh
  • Shishu Kendra Advisory Board
  • Abhivandan Trust Advisory Board
  • Indian Merchants Chamber – Taxation Committee.
  • The Plastic & Linoleum Export Promotion Council, Laminate Panel.
  • All India Plastic Manufacturers’ Association, Laminate Panel.

Mr. Sanghavi is a self-made man with a brilliant academic background Mr. Sanghavi started practice as a Chartered Accountant in 1952 and within a short time established a flourishing practice. There are rare instances when a professional having good practice has changed over to business or industry. Mr.Sanghavi on account of his enterprising nature took a hard decision and in 1967, changed over from professional practice to Business and Industry. Mr. Sanghavi’s other Academic Excellence, and Professional & Business Achievements and Social Recognitions are :

  • Received “Jain Samaj Ratna” Award in October 1996.
  • Ex-Editor : “Sales Tax Review, a Taxation Journal”.
  • Written a book on Taxation “Selected Sales Tax Decisions”.
  • Chief Organiser : First All India Conference of Sales Tax Practitioners.
  • Chief Organiser : First Western India Chartered Accountants’ Conference.
  • Ex-Editor : Shri Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya Alumni Newsletter.
  • Contributed Papers at various Conference and Seminars
  • Chairman, Reporter, Panel Speaker at various Conferences and Seminars.
  • Was appointed Special Executive Magistrate by Government of Maharashtra
  • Director of SATELLITE GROUP of Companies.
  • Inaugurated several Jain Social Groups in India and abroad was President, Chief Guest at such functions.
  • Similarly Inaugurated, Presided over or was Chief Guest at several functions of various Educational, Social, Professional and Cultural Organisations.
  • Invited to Buckingham Palace, London to present “Jain Declaration on Nature” to H.R.H. Prince Philip.
  • Session Chairman at JAINA Convention, San Francisco.
  • Session Chairman at JAINA Conference arranged by Singapore Religious Society.
  • Chairman, Platinum Jubilee Celebrations Committee, United Jain Students Home.
  • Co-ordinator in India for Jain Religion at the Parliament of World’s religions at Chicago.
  • Co-ordinator of Shri Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya Platinum Jubilee Smruti Granth.
  • Produced film “Home Away from Home” – History of Shri Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya.
    Widely travelled throughout the world several times for business and Pleasure.

Currently, Mr. Sanghavi is the Founder President of 5 organisations, has been President of another 7 organisations. Trustee of 12 Public Charitable Trusts, on the committee of another 14 organisations – thus actively associated with about 40 Professional, Business, Educational, Medical, Charitable Cultural and Social Organisations.

Mr. Sanghavi knows the art of making friends and influencing people. He often quotes Samuel Johnson : “A day on which at least one new acquaintance is not made is a day wasted”.

Always smiling, informal, unassuming by nature, known for his devotion and addication to whatever work he undertakes, a versatile personality Mr. Sanghavi is a friend, philospher and guide to many. “To love and to be loved in his greatest satisfation,” Mr.Sanghavi.


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